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Buying Google AdWords Ads on Brand Keywords?


Paid search is incremental or cannibalistic?

Earlier this month, Google references (which were called, it hits the site would not if they must rely on organic results only) a "study" they have only 89% of the clicks your AdWords ad been shown progressive.

As part of this "study" they said that "no navigation indirect advertiser's site into consideration." Why they decided to exclude this segment of traffic? Advertiser Because it would almost immediately anyway. They never really defined what is indirectly navigation, however, if you are left, that qualifies as a part of this segment to guess.

The "study" also found:

A low value of extra clicks can occur if the paid results and organic both similar and very close to each other appear on the results page. This reduces the likelihood of a user clicking on an organic result of increased counter after paying. In the immediate results when the classification of biological results is high, making it close to the results paid. Organic results of search terms brand tend to have triggered a higher rank, on average, and this can lead to a low value of the IAC.

So what keywords you should focus on advertising? And what keywords to buy milk if you have the cow for free? According to Google:

A low value does not necessarily mean CCI recommends a pause in advertising research is in order. In fact, for many advertisers with low IAC, it is still profitable to invest in advertising research. To assess the economic benefits of advertising on search engines, a provider must perform a calculation involving their individual IAC conversion rates and conversion revenues. The formula below can help you determine if advertising is useful in the search engines is on a case by case.

Experience is required?

Google said that later, a more rigorous test would experience a split-test, which compared with a control group which held back against an ad with search ads are paid. Then suggests that "many advertisers make these negative experiences, the installation costs associated with the impact and potential revenue of a group hold-out."

What I do not buy * any * of the proposal is that these studies are a matter of too strict and costly. A biological research front, Google Webmaster Tools already provides statistical classification of biological research CTR-page position and rank:

And since Google is largely to promote the adoption of a button , they also offer a data A / B, such that the performance effects search button.

If Google provides this information for Bio free, so why (except to protect their own incomes), they interpret these data is difficult to achieve for paid search? If Google believes its advertisers and I wanted the advertisers the complete database, they announced it would make the data available automatically, as they do with one of the key data.

No "study" mandatory

Here's my big problem I have with Google suggests that I need to know a quantitative study to determine if I have to buy my own brand keywords:

  • I know I will anyway get almost all clicks (Google removes "indirect browsing" showed in their study for a reason, and third party studies , these ads are directly cannibals )
  • the whole question of building brand affinity with the users and without having to pay the additional distribution of brand-oriented demand increases. To raise funds to build the brand, just to keep the value Rebuying existing brand is a rather pointless exercise.
  • in the auction, Google is arbitrary floor price at the keyword to the advertising industry (almost nobody "SEO Book" but when I press the auction is Google wants is $ 2 or $ 3 per click)
  • also go through if I said, "quantitative study" I have to stop all re-tested as often as arbitrary juice prices Google ads to increase their sales
  • If the Google site links, it offers improved time to do this because they think the research is primarily a navigation aid, but they still put ads above the organic search results, which in my humble opinion is quite dirty
  • and the dirtiest little bit of everything (which smells bad) is that you compete against the bid announcement is not only arbitrary floor price, but even he Google, what keywords to buy your brand (via its own Monopoly money)

Enlarge Sitelinks reduce competition

Google has recently expanded site links in the organic search results so that they take a lot of screen real estate above the real-time, try to reduce the organic search arbitrage and negative reputation of the questions brand.

Down the search results

With features like Instant Google , a Google advertising + bar & more copy of AdWords ads , Google has been aggressively pushing down the set of search results contains fewer entries appear above the fold.

Each month there is another test a new feature that pushes the organic search results down.

Zero-Moment's budget announcement of combustion

Google supports a concept called "zero hour of truth" suggests that you recruit throughout the cycle of late conversion "be there" and do you increase your messaging.

But with the improvement of organic links of the site, the brand has so many looking for real estate which is losing circulation is restricted to competitors if they do not buy their AdWords keywords on the brand. Moreover, the possibility of block some site links and change the page title and meta description is that you can make a copy of your listing organic brand, look and feel like ad copy you want to use AdWords should be given control.

There are some exceptions, though nuanced, as brands are not always through the eyes of people lined up

If you must buy your keywords Brand

Short-term promotions and promotions

If you come to an event that you need to promote for a short period of time, then the AdWords ads is a good way to get immediate visibility to the campaign.

Some spelling mistakes

In the past, if you search Google misspelled place the spell in the top of the page. Before They recently decided to put it among all AdWords ads. So this type of advertising (which Amazon already ranked No. 1, but the organic results of the ad and then pushed a spelling suggestion) I think this ad is the burning money.

In other cases, like when you're not a high priority in the organic search results, AdWords ads to buy common misspellings of a much more intelligent. For example, I think it's a smart purchase by Agoda ad.

But in the longrun, if I ran Agoda, I will explain the spelling error on my site a few links to increase my rankings for common misspellings.

One way of spelling mistakes and research longertailed for your brand to achieve is to use an integrated set where you have to offer and then use agoda – [agoda] as negative keywords.

The mark is shared by several companies

Mercedes Benz burning some of their advertising budget for advertising, they are not relevant.

<img style="padding:5px" src = "; />

It certainly makes sense for them to buy exposure for brand keywords, but in the examples above, they should contact Kingston as a negative keyword.

If negative ads Google Works

However, in some cases, the Google ads negative news. For example, when you use Gmail, I saw an ad suggesting that I "uninstall McAfee" in a computer that does not even have it.

Buy brand ads in these cases would probably be a good idea, if for no other reason, to block competition and risky negative ads that could be viral. Google will even allow such events is another matter of debate.

Big Money markets full of spam

Google was recently cut by the Department of Justice for a half-billion dollars to advertise illegal for Canadian pharmacies. The DOJ has so far pointed out that Larry Page knew what to go deliberately left these ads :

Mr. Neronha said those efforts amounted to a "Front" so that Google continues to gain revenue from sales of allegedly illegal ads, even to be like her, said action against them. Google employee helped undercover agents from the Department of Justice in the secret operation to bypass the company to stop illegal advertising, he said.

"Suffice it to say that this is not a couple of rogue employees at the customer service do their own" Mr. Neronha said in an interview. "It was a business decision to engage in this behavior."

Following the example above, Google is likely to be "guilty until proven innocent", where they run ads summary.

In the short term, it is probably wise not to advertise the brand keywords, while the problem is sorted, but if you use something like the following on the results of your trademark search to see that it is probably reasonable to combat the public relations front in the background when you open the portfolio to protect the brand publicly.

And since most big pharmaceutical companies are regularly punished for illegal ads , I do not understand why these bodies pharmaceutical black hat SEO (or 3) on staff to manage search results.

If Google wants it then brand them with a shovel. 😉


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Salty Droid Interview


Have you ever had a naked robot? Otherwise, you can at least hear one, as the salty Droid all said in an interview on 59 minutes. Droids do not speak more than one hour. 😉

Among the issues addressed in the get rich quick, quickly get worse, construction of community marketing. Info domain name (s'rsly?), Anger of the robot, and a few surprises.

Download the MP3 file

Read more about how to listen? Transcript below.

An interview with salt Droid

Interviewer: Today we are not a person so much as a robot, or maybe a person behind a recent interview. Who is the Salty Droid?

Jason Jones: Is this the first question: "Who is the Droid Salty?"

Interviewer: Yes.

Jason Jones: Okay, well, the answer is Jason Jones ..

Interviewer: Jason Jones. OK. Why did you create a robot to your site or what was the idea behind this?

Jason Jones: Well, I like robots, especially since everyone loves robots. I was just using what my character online, then the entire project Salty Droid developed countries. The robot comes out of nowhere, out of nowhere.

Interviewer: When writing or speaking, or compiling is what you do, salty Droid? They see it as an extension of yourself? Or do you see as something that separates what you do? Or how do you keep thinking that way?

Jason Jones: I think Sun is definitely separated I try to keep it completely anonymous, or a layer between him and me, because the robot is really angry and aggressive, but they are not healthy to take emotions personal. The robot is the character and is the project blog. And there is more than just me. It's more than one person. There is a whole community. I'm just a piece of him. I do not think of me like that, the robot.

Interviewer: That leads to two questions. One was built a community around that, but then two, you said it's not good to have anger and negative emotions. They see the church as full of negative emotions?

How to create a community that would be a sign, can not describe the things you and up? Can a community that is separated from the characteristics of the founder of it?

Jason Jones: Well, the hyper-aggressive attitude and habit statement. And I think most people in the community. All legit, people in the community are very warm, good people, aggression is a joke to get.

The objectives of the aggression of the things we have to show it really seriously, what people need to stand up and say something. It takes an aggressive tone that I do not think anyone has really tried to customize the robot charms.

Interviewer: One of the things-line problem is really easy to what is wrong or what is going on this. It's really easy to be cynical. But do you think there are pretty good resource for people find what they are and what's good with the site primarily to the absence of what assistance is poorly targeted? Or you can be too, cause, or if you have two problems?

Jason Jones: Yes. I think it would be a terrible idea to mix because of the specific thing that I will speak. I am very sure I do not know what to make money online fast, the right side.

Interviewer: Right.

Jason Jones: How did you help her right to do this, because it's not a real thing. You can not make a fast buck. It's really hard to make money online. This is the reality of the situation. As for how people get help with a focus on the positive. I really do not see what are the positives?

Interviewer: In this perspective, I think you hit on one of the things is that many people with this mentality. How I got an email today, when the person said they want to do something. They were buying all these things network marketing, and they want to make money quickly and easily, without requiring a PhD.

I have other people say they would be willing to pay me half the profits for everything I teach them, but nothing in advance. There is even a person, he offered to pay me. They wanted me to raid someone else, a date opponent. And offered to pay me after the fact.


Interviewer: What is important is that a lot of attitude, where people try to take, they can get and take. And the thing is many of them end up falling on a roadblock by the prospect of the need for cost fast, easy, cheap, free or a placebo, but need to automate and how much.

Do you think the big problem is the vulture or the mentality of people?

Jason Jones: the vultures. No, it's the vultures. This is not the mentality of people and the weakness of the people and the vulnerability of individuals and the human desire for a life that is different from the life they have. That's how people are.

And there are certain ways you get, which is worn and not very respectable, but then you can hunt. You can become a predator. And this is an excuse to decline to use that people have tried to characterize the victim in such a way that makes it less painful to think he feels.

They also use this idea as "Hey, we make the world a better place." This is the tactic used as greed. It uses the good people, greedy people. Who has human weaknesses can be exploited.

Interviewer: What are the feelings that say you are, most often on the "get rich" people driven?

Jason Jones: In the "get rich" thing is the greed of a part of it. For example, I heard a huge call stack of the boiler. OK. I will not talk specifically, but the 100 hours. And it is overwhelming. I heard a few calls where there was greed and this stereotype is the hunter who wants to believe the impossible.

I do not think it is the majority. I do not know how big the party is, but it is not so important. There are people who are afraid, are people who want a better future, people, things will collapse and, at some point in their lives when they are particularly vulnerable.

And it's not the same people over and over again. People are on the ground and pressed and comes a new batch. They are always looking for new batch of people at risk.

Interviewer: This is perhaps a little abstract or large, but put in the same way that the monetary system is debt based. So if you have a great disparity of income and savings, people who arrived there were a few other people who are in debt or living right on the edge.

Do you know how our political and economic system that feeds into the structure of the vulnerable and desperate? Or do you, no matter how it is structured, people always, whatever that be?

Jason Jones: Yes. I think part of what people think she is vulnerable, they are not enough. And this culture of buy-purchase and credit standing, credit. And not only is it personally. Everything is based on the debt. Guilt is our motto.

The weaknesses of the people and personalities to develop within them. It is a microcosm of scammy end of the spectrum, what I write. It is very small at the bottom is, but it is simply a reflection of how things go all the way to the top. It is in the political structure. It is in the financial system. We are structured as follows.

Interviewer: Some models of what you do not particularly like is for the feelings of the manhunt. Some of the things you run your blog on the detective work and what Dereby as "investigative journalism" in a world where there is almost none. How do you get so much data? Is the building of the community to help the stuff to pull in to you or you are really technically savvy how can so many things to dig?

Jason Jones: Yes. This is a human foundation. He has to work a beat. It just takes time. I started and people started coming. And more people come, come, the more people. And then I shut up, I'm talking about, and I will keep my sources confidential.

You are in the writing style I say ever seen, "as well and said," or "the anonymous source." I never mention where everything comes from. I just do it, and if you read long enough you just have to get to the point that there are things behind the scenes that I will not talk about it can leave. People do not talk because it is a very reserved, the situation bleak. And people have their own interests, and they do not want.

But it started happening almost immediately. People started to come talk to me and talked with them. Keep it going. At this point I'm not going to end this seemingly endless stream of information that comes easily to me, and only a tiny, tiny percentage of them on the blog.

Interviewer: You have a bunch of stuff interesting graphics. You must find it so difficult? How could you in the picture and audio-tie? Suppose you put a five-minute video or a video of three minutes, and you do everything you order graph is the amount of work in it? [Laughs]

Jason Jones: A lot.

Interviewer: It looks like this. Because I like the basic video, "Here is the screenshot of it, and here's how it works." One thing I do three or five minutes and I still live in the middle. Can I get tested and start to rail against me. I can imagine how difficult it is to be sequenced together. Have you more efficient with the time for? Or what do you use? Was it just takes lots of practice until you get to do it?

Jason Jones: Yes. It was only practice, because for the first time I had no idea. I had a reason, a motivation to do so. I would. But the video they were talking about epic Jeff Foster and Andy Jenkins. They spoke of the union and told me to go fuck myself. The video has 36 hours, no doubt.

Interviewer: Wow.

Jason Jones: It was a long time.

Interviewer: What takes longer? It cut the audio, or draw graphs? Where to find what parts you will use?

Jason Jones: Yes. Everything goes wrong, and not the audio to match. You need to start a few games in. you because you feel that your idea was silly.

Interviewer: Have you considered thinking, doing videos about some of the things you? There is a website that I subscribed. Financial advisory services, where the guy is totally discreet, it is still in question itself. His website is iTulip. "And he made these incredible graphics comparison of different asset classes over time.

Sometimes it's like, "Yes, I did it fast enough," but it takes time for most. Have you thought about doing some of the things you love to create instructions on how to be part of this?

Jason Jones: No, definitely not. Because that was to achieve what I mean. And I do not want to do something even close to that. Just to keep the line clear. Two I can not explain things, I have people who do not make me. It's tough. I know a lot of different tricks. I do not know. You have to understand your own. Find your own little tricks.

Interviewer: With what do you do when the site becomes more popular, if you ever decide to do so for many years on the road, so many months, so many years. At some point, you think you will eventually lose the passion for the project? or be in the coming years?

Jason Jones: I do not know. I love him right away. No, I see myself doing for a while, because nobody does. If I stop, then what? Another thing is gone. I do not want that to happen. I'm a fan of the page. I like it. I love this place.

Interviewer: What is the hardest part of the run? They do this stuff yourself? Dealing with how others interact with it? Or deal with what people are away from him? Or what is the hardest part about it? They were struggling with things like how people these social media accounts.

Jason Jones: Yes. This is the hardest part, because it's disappointing. When I started, I expected that this project would support the Internet community have. Because it's the Internet community is that the establishment of distribution of this vicious circle of deception. And people do not like it. It is not popular. The things these people are not popular with ordinary people you want to see your Web sites.

I thought that people are behind me. Plus, it's how it should be. In America, there is this illusion that you say what you want. And all this to speak like the Wild West here. But it is not like that at all. Internet companies do not support. There are a lot more work than it would have been only the site exists.

It's no fun trying to work to maintain it. It does not matter. It helps no one. It will not help me. It is a waste of time, and it is completely unnecessary. I'm not lost, of course. You may not be able to get rid of me, so it's a waste of time.

I think that's the disappointing part of all these different social networks to ban banned from hosting sites to access this …

Part of the trap is that you go on YouTube, and you think it is an open forum where there are multiple voices. When people cheat, it will make YouTube videos, these crooks are YouTube videos. And both weigh one another, but that's not true. If someone wants to get your content more than you want to keep taking it, it is quite difficult to keep it.

Interviewer: You mentioned something about the nature of an illusion. Now, you mentioned, some of it related to the technical stuff, but you also mentioned that it is an illusion. You see this as a model that is still in the society in all cultures? Do you make the internet which is better or worse? How can you do?

Jason Jones: Well, this is particularly what is dangerous on the Internet that there is a perception, more than ever, that dissent is available. If only you could distribute through the paper, you knew it was not open. It was incredible, with which the medium is limited release. One might think the way you want.

But now you get the idea of ??everything in the media and most of the stuff on the Internet that the Internet is the voice of the little guy. But if you go and look, you'll find: "No, the little guy is always silenced, and his voice is not there"

But now, it is now, it's his voice, and it's just not saying anything. So it must be happy about it. It must not only have his credit card maxed out and his wife had left him. Suddenly, drinking a fifth of scotch a day.

It's not that these statements never appear. It's as if someone is the courage, they are beaten again. And they are not able to defend themselves. I speak from personal experience in this area of ??fraud, but it is clear how the Web.

You mean gas explosions Frack in your garden, as you can bet there are dozens of people, things. Then some companies came hack lawyer and asked them to take. They do not know their rights and they can not afford to be claimed, seeking advice on rights. It's just easier to take. Should not be.

Interviewer: There is also an extremely false complaints, and sites such as Ripoff Report, which have been called many things. I do not know what words I could not use me to use a trial. [Laughs]

Jason Jones: I will say, racketeering. This is what people accuse them of blackmail the club because there is a little like eyes.

Interviewer: How can separate the consumer? You think people are wrongly convinced that they have a full spectrum of how they can become aware of things that they should trust over things they do not?

Jason Jones: Good question. I do not know. Know in which trust is hard to do, especially on the Internet, because the number of channels and how many votes are. Because now, as we speak, things are out of control.

Interviewer: Things are getting out of hand, does this mean?

Jason Jones: If you do not know if you do not have the internet high and it is dangerous. It is dangerous to spend money on the Internet. It is dangerous to your credit card over the Internet. Yes, it's hard to say.

You can not go to scam rapport and trust who is there when you know that sometimes the complaints are false. And no change, and the person responsible is not driving. Or running a business outreach program, where he is on the side of people who are known scammers. The Internet is all about shabby.

Interviewer: Yes. One part is that the Internet is of course the network effects built into a lot of different things going on as the first person in the list of results of the most clicks. The search engine leader goes to the majority of research to obtain. And you can do with systems like ….

I'm talking to you on Skype now, and it has tons of users. Is it not, however, that companies go out? Many companies are beginning, and then grow. They become more important. Get dysfunctional because of their size. Then, only the numbers again and again?

Jason Jones: Yes. This is clearly what happened.

Interviewer: It's not really just a web phenomenon only.

Jason Jones: Oh, no!

Interviewer: It's just that the Web, you feel the diversity of growing, although perhaps not. Such a thing on the Web …

Jason Jones is the big difference that I am on the note on the Internet is that it needs a waiver, so people have the idea. But it will not work, so that there is simply no way.

Interviewer: Yes. I think the key is correct construction of the internal filter for who to trust, but anyone who is new, has a hard time with that. It's almost like you have to take a couple of times, somewhere …

Jason Jones: Exactly. It's hard when you just. The websites that I trust, and the things I rely on the Internet where I can feel the person behind it is. Once he argued that it is so big that you are not sure what you have told, like Huffington Post. It's like at the beginning, there was one thing. Then at the end, it's just this great stew. So it's like: ".. I will not see more than that, I can not say"

Interviewer:. Right's, you think it is with the character and the voice of an individual or a small group of people you've learned over time is precious. Anonymous, the more it gets, the more mushed, the less you can trust. I had an interesting thing on that line, if Google has recently appointed an update to update the panda, and many large sites of major brands have great momentum. But then, much of the independent sites that eventually crush the mark. It sounds like the algos relevance in the opposite direction of what you say is better to go to the Web?

Jason Jones: Against bigger? No, it's bad, right? This is the way old school. This is the thing that does not work. Let us not become to the Internet and do it again, where even easier to scale up to a size large irrational unreasonable and unnecessary in all your ways.

Interviewer: Do you have my scale, contributions to Twitter is that you say? No [laughs]

Interviewer: Let's see.

Jason Jones: While I tend Google before you start reading your blog. Because I have seen as a heroic force and then as you talk. Yes, I can see how their tactics as squeezing little guy, it's really not what I want to see happen on the Internet.

Interviewer: It seems that offline, because the rising income inequality. And perhaps a speed only technology as well.

Jason Jones: Yes. The representative of the offline world. Everything is too big. The major groups are the worse, unreliable. He is one of our worst human invention, in large groups. And the larger the group, is the beast. But our whole economy is about the greatest things possible. I'm not an expert on this subject, so I do not know why I am with my mouth about it.

Interviewer: ". Thousand Years of Nonlinear History" is a book I read when I have to admit that reading was far and above my level when I started. But it was interesting, so I stuck with it. And one of the things he said that it seems that we have always sacrificed for various homogenization to increase yield, as a general piece of capitalism.

Online, some people will come to your blog and say "F * ck you, stupid robots" or things like you would never see, like people do in person. They are really angry. Do you deal with a lot of that? Or do you think people see you that way? Or how do you get the angle of humor, without the people?

Jason Jones: Well, this blog will be difficult, so it is not easy to understand. When you reach the first there, it really is not completely clear what happened. Because I love her so much. Part of the message, which looks as it comes, it looks bad. If you just glance at it, you want "Oh, I'm not sure that this guy should do this, Geez, did he go that far?"

But then you have to stay for a while, then it is really easy to understand. I do not think there is such a mystery to everyone. But the trolls is that anger. The site is not really that many trolls in a traditional sense, the Internet, where it is as if someone just pop in and you're just trying to get an increase of a group. And they thrive off of it. There are some that are obvious.

More importantly, what is happening on the blog, is people trying to defend their own financial interests, without giving it. And because of this transparency and jokes, especially on her day by day the number, they have some massive over-reaction. I do it in public and in private, every day.

Even people who have an idea of ??something they may think, and it is not possible. Then they begin to understand that it is not possible. Then they want to blame someone. A lot of times that ends up being my robot, which is a good thing to be harsh criticism is, in fact.

Interviewer: What do you mean they find something? What do you say, you say, how to make money quickly, or any other system?

Jason Jones: Well, the specific stories I wrote, it follows a more cult-like model, where they try to disrupt your normal way of thinking. They are specially made. And they fill this other thing that is comfortable for them. Ending them your money and your time and a part of your life for a while. Then they dump you in the end. If you are in the process because it is a very deep, a dangerous process than playing with people's personalities.

When you wake up to that and you can see, "Oh, I am so semi-delirious here. I sleep with my family. I have to be aggressive, my friends." "This affects my life," and only, "It is not as advertised," it is difficult to face, know that the disengagement is often salty Droid …

And I also received death threats, I also do a lot of excuses.

Interviewer: You have no way to estimate how much you help people at all? Did you thank you e-mails every day? Or people say they were in a similar shit, and then they fell on your business, and it changed their thinking?

Jason Jones: Yes. I get the most of all time. And it's much more private than what the general public.

Interviewer: Yes, because I imagine that people might be a little embarrassing to admit that they have always pulled down or felt.

Jason Jones: Yes. Much of the stories I hear are so personal tragedy, and they contain as much as terror, that people do … Talking about them is more painful, and people are certainly not comfortable speaking in public. I'm sorry, what was your question?

Interviewer: So go to where you were, what is that first pushes you to continue using the site?

Jason Jones: Yes. Absolutely. Without this it would be too difficult because it is not much. Sometimes I wonder why I do it, but like most families in the situation of James Ray. Well, every situation. For each outrageously stupid comments, threats, or whatever, I receive or view, I get 10 on the other side.

Interviewer: You mentioned a group called the union.

Jason Jones: The Union.

Interviewer: What is it? Do you think that there are five or 10 or 20 or 50 different groups that are similar to what you mention aligned? And simply ground to a group? Or do you think we got more than the other? Or why so many focus on this group? She also mentioned that it seemed that something woven of such things. Can you describe this? Do I have any sense or not?

Jason Jones: Yes. You are right. Is that I focus on the Union. But the idea is that these white-collar fraud down in all different formats, not only on the Internet, in all different transmission methods, they use these cartels. The cartel is one of the most important features in many different scams, you can search.

They are close enough, and you look close, is a characteristic essential cartels, false witness, people keep out of the market. After one. Intra-group and out group, and one of the lieutenants of high school If you look closely, the organizational structure is there to see in all other types of people.

But I focus on the union, because that's where I started. I can say things that I have the general public that I am proof I'll be there with me. It is difficult to find.

I want to finish this story. The union is a big one. They damaged a lot of time. They are on these audios I have all over your site. Like to talk openly about the violation of laws, and there are 1000s and 1000s the individual stories of how these people have destroyed lives and millions of dollars. And I'll keep on them until something changes.

Interviewer: Why should they record these calls? Or how these calls would be recorded until the end then? How do we record it.

Jason Jones: Yes, collect them. They love it. They are narcissistic. They like the sound of your voice, and they take their calls. They cover all sorts of things that should not take it. Even after I get some of these recordings, they continue to do so because they do not learn the lessons. As the last one I posted, which means that the boiler was the call. The catch tank, she called, because to the boiler.

Interviewer: Do you sometimes feel like a man trying to hold back the Sahara desert in a sense, because this stuff is everywhere? Or do you think when you make a sufficient difference in an area that will continue to help people and also in other areas? How it spreads in a circle?

Jason Jones: I do not know. That's what I think, if I want to think of a drum circle. I do not know how realistic that is. I hope it is. I hope there's all these magical, beautiful butterflies are born because of what I do.

Interviewer: Some media has always been, if you go to other forms of media to get things, and that's solo dates Recon. How about a few people to experiment. And finally, a lot of this depends on social cues. How to trust people what they think other people you trust.

You did a good job of marketing your site, especially on a very small budget. What were the key for a known exposure, you spread your ideas?

Jason Jones: I do not know. I try not to think too much about it, know it because if you start a blog and if you really want to blog, start. Not the way people I talk to about starting a blog. But if you have something to tell and want to start a blog, then you run it. People are not the first comment. And if you want to read your writing. They are not, then how do you stay motivated to keep writing? It seems like a trap.

The key is the thing you focus on writing, and that what is important to you. Because it was immediately clear that this is not as big an audience, I had the same. If it was zero or 1000, 10 000, it did not matter.

Speech, the sound of all, I'm on the internet, people that I speak, they listened. That's it. You must focus on the public or the thing that you talk about discussion, and the Internet allow you to interact with them.

If you stay on the implementation a thing of quality, and concerns about the thing you really focus in writing. And a lawyer on the issue, in whatever form it is clearly not my size fool, but the only important thing.

How did you end up looking like more and more popular. Now I'm popular, but I do not know. You tell me how it happened. I do not know.

Interviewer: Do you have the number one favorite robot? Or number two most popular of the robot in line behind GoogleBot? Get a small plate together? Three years later you decide that you have a great idea or you think you could really help people. It's not big, bureaucratic, dysfunctional, big business, but you will eventually start to do something where you think you help people. But it will be a company making money, but as something you do for free.

Do you think marketing, you learn from the construction of the Salty Droid help you learn more than all the bad karma of people hate Salty Droid? Some of the people you are exposed to hatred is obvious. And whatever you do go to the front, there is a link to the right, between the two? In terms of people will try to connect?

Jason Jones: between this and my next project, do you mean?

Interviewer: Yes, I'm not saying you will go to Salty Droid I mean, like, what you do next, the track has a sort of people or bind things together. Are you worried at all about this? Or have you ever really intend to try to make money online good, just do what you're interested at all?

Jason Jones: Well, I do not want to make money online, how many to make one. And no one has ever been able to show me who is to convince.

Interviewer: Well, we have a sidebar, after doing this.

Jason Jones: First of all, it's like an art project in my opinion. Once I finished with it, we hope it will always be there. There will always be there, and is one of the cool things on the web. I'm really proud of her. I do not mean it will be followed in my future plans, although I really do not want to stop.

I have no aversion is to make money. I do not think it wrong to make money on the Internet. And I'm kind of present approaches. Now I have a large audience, and when I try, wanted to do something non-exploitative, I have some ideas that I think might work. And I'm certainly not against turning it into something.

It's funny when I make money online now, because my main message is that you can not make money online. But true. It's like, "Yeah!" If I win money at the end of what it is because I built a mass audience.

But it is almost impossible, as you can not think about it. When one of the requirements of your business plan, "Building mass audience," then forget it. This is not a realistic goal.

Interviewer: If you can not keep its cost low, while you do, and you have fun here. If you like it and you do not have too high a cost structure, then you can fall into a business that way, because you've already built all those levers. I think it hurts many people is they say. "Hey, I was online yesterday I have a lot of money to do tomorrow. "It's like a new person to the award, which was likely to get and lose all their money.

But if you keep a low cost structure and do what you want, it helps. You mentioned how it attracts people who are similar. And you build a community around it. That's how I started. If my blog or when I made my first blog, it was a standard Web Template. Three months, I could afford to buy a $ 99 logo.

Jason Jones: Yes. Well, that's how to do it. And I'm obviously not that some people have success, too. But it is not easy to be right now, and it would not. It should not be one of those things. And you do not know exactly why you are successful. Maybe you think you know, but I do not know that you can.

Order is too complicated to be extrapolating these specific details, and there is chaos so you and the things around you. Try to predict things in one way or planned for her, a central value, plan and to have that. Then you can hope that it will be really successful and great. But maybe you are useful in the transition period, if it does not, or if it takes a long time.

Interviewer: One of my friends, a close, I always say, "Hey, something you do with passion." They're like, "I do not want something I'm excited I want to do just to earn money .." And then it's like, "Hey, you work all this?" And they are as "Nah." I'm like, "Because you are not passionate."

Jason Jones: Of course. While the above tips, passionate about the subject, I think it is good if you try to get a test for yourself, but most people are like slaves, and they are forced, and there is not much you can do with it. I want something, I am delighted to do.

Interviewer: Why do you have a tip extension.? Outside of Germany there are like three legitimate. News sites in the world. Salty Droid is one of them. Why do you have?

Jason Jones: Yes! Perry Belcher and Ryan Deiss, because all of our registered domain names.

Interviewer: You save all your domain name?

Jason Jones: Yes. There is a post about it, he said Deiss and Belcher Big Mistake. I had to flash my teeth at them about it, but I do not really care. Because he was just stupid, I'm straight. Info. And it worked very well.

Interviewer: Yes. Have you ever seen his messages that you regret later? For example, you could see was bad for someone to do something, so that shit? And later, you saw them something decent. And then, like "Maybe I went to the sea,". Or you think the time you collect enough, you pretty sure that someone, what do you think they are when you write, is it?

Jason Jones: Exactly. As with the first there is the beginning, I was just a little separation. But then I was just bitten small holes on human beings at all, so I do not regret any of them. As soon as I go, I'm not talking about someone until I know their position within the system. And I heard someone told me a story that, like, "Ugh!"

Otherwise, I never talk about someone like the robot to speak. I do it on purpose, and I'm careful. Hopefully I'll never have this error.

As everyone will tell me that someone, and I will be looking for six months before. Since it is not possible, it is a responsibility I have. You can not do what I'm just an average citizen. I would not accept such behavior in another situation.

Interviewer: You believe in any way, ignorance is bliss? Do you think you would feel better if you do not know all this stuff? Or do you feel better knowing that you helped some people?

Jason Jones: Ignorance is bliss, if you are ignorant and stay ignorant of all things, so that you can not say. If not that, it would be something else. There is bull shit goes everywhere, so there are plenty of reasons to be depressed. I do not find particularly depressing, because everything is depressing. Tsunamis are depressing, too. If you read about the world, there are many things that need to be better. This is just the constant state of everything.

Interviewer: You do not know how you will be successful? When were the points if you thought what you were doing some weak side, which was where we really believe him? Was that before when you said, "OK, it was" You look where you say, "These are the five things that have really made 80 percent of the difference?" Or do you think he will fight every day? Or how would you describe it?

Jason Jones: I could from the beginning, I did not know before I started to say, but it was really clear from the beginning. The only thing I did was mix the wicked. It does not matter if I'm liked or not, this is stirring the evil, and that helps. Like the way I do, I do it in a special way. And it helps.

I could also say from the outset that this will help the victims. It gives victims an area of ??what happened and what a reasonable opportunity to re-emerge in.

People who are involved, the parties to the thing you're talking about the Internet, which is true. From my experience so far, no matter how small you are, what you speak of are compared. If you're likely to hear about politics on YouTube, so people do not complain to YouTube. But there are not many situations where if you say something about someone on the Internet, they do not intend to hear it.

It is powerful by itself. It does not matter if no one else's bed, you can talk. If you see something you do not like, problems you can talk about this thing. People who are involved in this thing, you can talk to them, then it is not always dependent on a wide audience.

Interviewer: Do you think it's because people how things can snowball to realize? And they want to see what happens and try to minimize too soon?

Jason Jones: Yes, because such people are narcissistic. How can you send something to someone and say, "I wrote this about you", they will read. Only those who have a massive information overload, where it is always so that they can not manage, that's how all the gurus say how they should be. But when I started to become People, I could say: "All lies!"

It is difficult to know when you get to the Internet in the first, but it is not. I'm popular. I'm not overwhelmed. I can keep up. I read all my e-mails. If you sent me an e-mail, so I have to read it. And I think almost everyone is like that. And if you said something about me on the Internet, I saw it, because that's how it works. There are so many people do not speak. As I already mentioned that James Ray PR man, who is also the man of public relations for Goldman Sachs. I forget his name now, Mark Fabiani.

Interviewer: All-round good guy, of course.

Jason Jones: Yes. And he came. I know he saw it, because people can not not see it coming, do their own thing. This is really powerful, right there. This was the "Aha!" Time. Straight road as it goes, I could only say the same thing. Like, "Oh, my God, you hate so much!" Therefore it is useful to do so.

Interviewer: Did you really send people emails like, "Hey, I wrote this for you" When you start, you do this?

Jason Jones: Yeah, right. At first, yes.

Interviewer: OK, is that the keys for distribution there, because you wrote …

Jason Jones: No, not really. Because I have this right first, then I could say. Well, because I thought I needed to do that. How the Internet works now, you do not need to do. I never do it now, I want to say something.

Interviewer: I do not think the Web as much as you have changed your web site reach and authority.

Jason Jones: No, because that way the elderly. It is well, before we were always on my site. As you can see the video below are taken now. But there's this video of Perry Belcher complained to me. He calls me an "asteroid asshole" scene in the event that Internet marketers Austin. And inside that was like 10 days.

It's not because I was important at that time. No one knew me. And appear to be the tone I took, as no one has ever heard of him either, because you can not talk like that. Everyone knows you can not talk like that.

Interviewer: Do you think …?

Jason Jones: He stood before the marks are complaining about the room as he was upset that he said something about this step only a few days in it. The Web is to speak directly to powerful people. If you have something to say to someone other than Barack Obama, put it on the internet and they will see it.

Interviewer: Why Barack Obama to make more difficult as W.?

Jason Jones: Well, because … [Laughs]

Interviewer: I do not know if you have understood, but much of what you mention is actually just a lot of marketing concepts. They talk about what you are interested in. find people who are relevant. Find people who are so selfish and not having to feed them in and kiss ass people. But to know who and how they react to diet to take it.

Then you also mentioned something else. Like, "You can not do it. They are not intended to do so. Most people would not do that." A lot of times a set of rules and concepts are rules to follow with the current market leaders in their place and to prevent others from interfering with the set. That's a lot of point known as Eric Schmidt: "lobbyists write the law"

When you say all you want is when I hear you, I say …. is "OK, this is a step in marketing relevant be interested to know your market in contact with them, are a point of differentiation." You see how those things you mentioned? You do not mention it with all the words of marketing, but it almost sounds like a marketing plan?

Jason Jones: Yes. Blogging is a marketing thing. I do not deny it. I do not think, put out of art on each post, because I am so passionate about art. This is because it is an effective way to communicate. I try to do a good job, an effective communicator. I try to build my audience. I'm not saying this is not one of my goals, or that it is not important or funny.

I hope I am a good seller. Although they say that for me in the comments of all time, as an insult.

Interviewer: You're just a marketer.

Jason Jones: I am a marketer. Oh, it's great. It's great marketing bud.

Interviewer: Well, I think it's funny, because many bloggers that they also SEO. As if I write something they like, "Oh, more bullsh * t 'SEO' And then, as a few years later, after the same guy said that all SEOs are a fraud, he said," Oh, yeah, it was one of my links bait efforts. " [Laughs]

Jason Jones: Right.

Interviewer: "You jackass transparent Why should we trust you now?" It's like, how the "Hey, I was full of sh * ta year ago, but you can trust me now."

Jason Jones: "Remember when I was a liar these days are in the past?".

Interviewer: "Well, I think they are in the past, but I would not bet on it." Or: "I want to bet against my own." Pete Rose style.

Jason Jones: I fence!

Interviewer: Goldman Sachs: "We are far from that …" Define the term "art" and "long". In English or French?


If you're starting from scratch today, would have, what are the things you do not you might have?

Jason Jones: I would not use Twitter.

Interviewer: Do not use Twitter?

Jason Jones: Because he started on Twitter. It started as a Twitter-like character, and then I have a lot of effort into this character Twitter. And I thought Twitter was really cool article, I describe the dynamics, it is very real in social media. If social media platforms is a truly open debate, how could I go on Twitter and speak with Perry Belcher. It can not only hear, but he had the feeling that everyone is mine.

This made the things I said was, although at first I had five trailers, but it does not matter. It is always on the lookout, and the people I could still hear. It seemed really powerful.

And I spent much time building the thing, and then they win. You can take it directly from below. You do not have to tell you why. You have no right to create things that you have. I had not backed up or something, that's all the time is just gone. She took only her. And she never said a word to me about it.

I care not now, not just Twitter, either. If you build something that is controversial, do not rely on the cloud, or you can lose.

Interviewer: OK. It seems that if there were things out there for almost two marketing. One, it is important to autonomy and control what you do, right?

Jason Jones: Yes, certainly.

Interviewer: And then the other might be a little attention to those, but it is not worth much effort in social networks. Because it is better to have a big fish in a small pond, or your own pond, instead of swimming in the ocean where they are building …

Jason Jones: If I wanted something new today that was not built as …

The Salty Droid is a notable exception.

I do not think people are far from Twitter started left and right. But if you try, if there is any form of dissent, then you are wasting your time to build on the platform of another, where they are likely to prevail.

Interviewer: And what about something else, what about the big fish in a small pond? Do you think is important? It is better to be truly relevant and targeted, niche, something big and be just one of many? Or how is it important to have a degree of differentiation? As the emphasis on building your own thing? Do you think you have started your own blog is really important in relation to, a participant in a forum?

Jason Jones: Yes. Finally, I regret to spend time together, I was building something for someone else. How I built the Web site Twitter. I was adding something to twitter, but not worry about me. I look back, why not? And I worried that once my Twitter account was blocked because I was with this first and foremost the most important part of my voice. Blogs are actually much less time, because I spent so much time working on Twitter. Once I was not there, I thought, "Well, you know, it really hurt my popularity. Most of my clicks came from Twitter, and I wonder if this is the end of his miracles. "

But I could say in a few days, it's like, 'No, now I'm here, and this is the place to hear me now here in my place, and now, where people can come be .. I've done all the time.

Did and then, when Twitter had not defended, I would actually be less popular, because I spent more time trying to get. I would have stayed there because I have fun with, because real-time peak is fun. And it end as waste. It is not as powerful as the key to the thing itself

If you look back, I can see. What happened to the clicks and where they come from and where they go. I just want to check. I learn much more when I have the keys, so …

Interviewer: How do you use Twitter?

Jason Jones: It's a fact. If you spend more than half of your time are on Twitter, it seems like a waste, one of them.

Interviewer: Have you ever considered the ultimate guide to lure online? Not "talk" but "the incentive?"

Jason Jones: No, I could not. It's something I have expertise. No, because what I do is not to be immodest, but it is for professionals. You must be careful to speak like that. If you are good enough rush, you can destroy someone. It's not very pleasant. You should especially themselves.

Interviewer: Have you read the reviews on YouTube or something, how perfect your art?

Jason Jones: To record how gibberishy bit? [Laughs]

Jason Jones: Yes. Comments on YouTube suck. Most people are really bad propaganda. You must be …

Interviewer: Yes. Well, your mother!

Jason Jones: Oh! They destroyed me. [Laughs]

— Thanks Salty .


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Why You Should Use Multiple Web Analytics Tools


Why are so important analysis

SEO follow up with the most important thing is performance. Of course, the bank account (and its growth rate) is a high degree of follow-up mechanism, but it is the result of the combination of many ideas and effort, the combination of marketing strategies and more traffic flows. To dig further into what works and web analytics are your bread and butter. You do not give you aggregate data or data may be, but precisely and exactly what is happening on your pages: sort what is and what does not.

Without analysis, you are blind.

Which of course is dangerous!

Redundancy for the win

Most web analytics tools are good for either the real-time monitoring with granular or historical data. Few tools are available at a reasonable cost and great at once. For this reason, I always prefer at least two web analytics tools.

The other important reason for both tools is to provide a stable base line, if things have changed. Google announced a change in how Google Analytics tracks sessions and only a few weeks ago has also changed, such as image search is reported , it connects to basic research. Each of these changes may at first make you think a webmaster, that perhaps she had done the algorithm pandas by winning the only thing that has changed any changes forced by their suppliers of analytical tools. Many webmasters have complained about the changes , but can not use force on their way to a Google product that will change provided for free.

A retrieved page above Panda or was it an anomaly changed data from Google Analytics? If you use two tools, it is much faster to know the answer to this question.

Ok, then you probably like the idea of ??two tools, but what tools do you use?

Primary Web Analytics

If you do not have anything against Google, you can link your site (or if you want to integrate the data only available in Google Analytics), while Google Analytics is an easy appetizer choices. If you do not want your data to identity and then give Google Clicky is a tool for analysis of large primary.

If you Google feature set, but want to host their own data, they continue to sell Urchin Software for $ 10,000. It offers additional features such as log file analysis, spider robots and reports, research on casual visitors, server error, is working on intranets, and so on.

It are many other high-end vendors like Omniture , but I have not really played with them, since most of our sites tend to partner sites. If you have a full client loop on your website a registration process and then services like metric kiss & ClickTale In addition, you can go to the way individual users to use your site to appear.

Back-up Web Analytics

My objectives and preferably with a backup analysis tool are:

  • light weight (do not use significant server resources)
  • Low cost
  • a baseline overview of the analysis are compared to primary
  • provides real-time data (as some tools for analyzing the most important within them, and with real-time data, you can see how, where and why you distribute your content, you can help, help become more involved in the conversation and continue to have spread)

As for the web analytics tool for back-up, I'll usually mint , because it is easy and only cost a one time fee of $ 30 per location. Installation takes about 5 minutes, you download it and then it's just sitting there and doing its job.

I also tried Piwik & Open Web Analytics . Of the two, I prefer to OWA, because it is easier (Piwik has even more features, but it has many files). OWA has also prepared an option screen recording cool inside. Be aware that if you have a high number of visitors and have to use OWA, you create too many connections and less sensitive to the MySQL server.

If you tie together well with some of your sites, but do not want, they are linked to Google Analytics, you can have one or installing Piwik OWA on a dedicated server and multiple profiles for different sites. Be aware that if you have enabled things like screen recording, then you will eat significant server resources!

Your Turn

What are your favorite web analytics?


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What is Killing AOL & Yahoo!?


The big gate can not grow ad revenue

Despite the change from print to digital dollars cents to print, TV advertising remains healthy and robust . Similar to the decline of print media, is the flow of advertising dollars online brand and some of the greatest players to jump, so they switched to the growth of online media.

While Yahoo is still the leader in many categories , they are struggling to sell their ad inventory directly and sell more of it as filling stock / inventory. AOL has also hit this problem very difficult. Despite the acquisition Huffington Post and be prepared to sell ads on a CPM false $ 1000 , they are still losing money and their advertising revenues rose only marginally .

The Stock Exchange of the great gate next to nothing

Some of the biggest portals are hoping that the critical web-style TV will increase their advertising revenue , but I'm skeptical, and therefore the market. AOL stock was around 50% in the last month before the rally recently (and half of what remained was cash on the books ). Part of the recent recovery in share prices of these is AOL's announcement of a share buyback. Yahoo! Basically, is estimated at $ 0 when you return their cash balances and investments in foreign assets.

Why can not push the gates?

Part of the lack of growth of advertising budgets for major mobile portals is hype ( which is now ~ 12% of clicks on search ads ), Facebook and social media. Brand advertising dollars spent on "cool" to mount the new fashions and trends.

Riding the Hype social AdWords ads now also have a social component to them.

Three other major issues that impact on the portals (see below) are retargeting, custom integrated media buys, and the mix of quality traffic.

To determine a baseline, what influence these trends are the main portals are of the opinion that …

… However, their traffic Quarterly was fairly stable compared to Q1 & Revenue was up 32% over the previous year . Despite a search-first sales strategy, still hammered by Panda and the removal of tons of content, Demand Media is growing much faster than AOL or Yahoo. It is therefore not surprising that non-classified Yahoo & AOL heavily on the investment community.

Retargeting First Announcement

Between contextual ad-targeting and retargeting advertisers have many opportunities to reach their audience without having to pay premium advertising inventory to display rates where they are less relevant.

At first I thought it would raise CPM ad retargeting to compete as an additional channel to manage advertising inventory. For smaller sites on knitting and celebrity gossip is probably not, but for "premium" media, which is far too expensive, it means the opposite. At first, it sorta hit some of the sites B-list, but not the major portals and over time this trend grew and eventually consumed even the major portals.

Google has taken the traditional ad retargeting. At first offers advertisers an artificially high level for much of that traffic on the perceived value, but because the advertisers were only competing / bidding against themselves and those ads can appear anywhere and many have now found that they significantly reduce his commandments and always a lot of exposure .

Some e-commerce sites, not just ad retargeting to people who have visited their site, but some distance so that the individual products you viewed or to throw in your shopping destination. You may not notice the trend, if you are looking for things that you purchasers (such as a mirror image of who we are, we tend generally to things that we, the normal and the most popular because they are true) but If you are shopping for something out of the blue, then the ads that follow you much more noticeable.

When I buy fourth birthday present for my wife when buying online, joked with a friend about the ugly and over-the-top some of the items were Zales. These elements are then gave me around the web banner below!

What is worth more than to see someone put an article in a shopping cart is also some very person has already acquired. Amazon offers products on their Web pages, send personalized, "you might like" e-mail recommendations and use their data to build a distributed ad network :

Amazon is now using its large supply of consumer data bundle in buckets on the products they looked at or purchased based on the merchant site. The company helps advertisers reach these consumers with targeted media, with their display behavior targeted ads in training
each URL.

There are many other technologies and business models based on the reorganization: Some companies try to hire a pixel on third party sites, some cookies Analytical Services Akamai provides no respawn EUR pixel tracking, collection, Facebook is that the data button, even if you're not on it, and the third party social media "Add" button to collect and dispose of similar data.

The transition to mobile retargeting are improving. digital revenues are growing in popularity and Eric Schmidt wants to be in your pants .

2nd Integrated Media Buys


WebMD has sections where you're going information to the user the right ad in the channels integrated directly associated with the disease self-sponsored quiz.

Blog Sponsorship

Pay By Mail Art has just hit the road in their approach to marketing to gain exposure on blogs. ReviewMe (which I co-founded and sold to me several years ago) for a slightly higher road to take, but perhaps not so much to draw attention to the brand, as we had hoped at least not at first.

More recently, most blogs online communities have their own advertising network. Would you like mothers to achieve? P & G has an agreement with BlogHer and it was quite popular as blogs and videos about it.


Shortly after watching a YouTube video on sugar and insulin soon as I saw the following YouTube experience, according to a display via a video and all other rights related ad unit

Among the "content and not the ad unit," a further step, YouTube has ads customized for Nintendo , which borders entire site YouTube reflects the match.

Tip-Ex also had a popular viral ad YouTube .

Nikesh Arora Google gave a speech where he said that product placements WillItBlend to $ 5000 in the mixtures.

The third dilution of the power quality

Some of these ad networks with embankments scam "inventory" (as Yahoo Search or Looksmart were famous for dealing with "search" ads ).

The mixture in the puddle will further reduce prices of network traffic, but only one big problem, because the other above changes. Part of why the fraudulent "active" on the ad "networks" is appealing is that it's probably a much higher markup by the advertising agency that purchased the advertising inventory of premium.

"We just AdImpressions u … 34000000000000 1:05 ET and the cost for others "sounds interesting and effective. You can mix the meat mystery is much higher margin on the junk, with respect to the premium and they can have enough to buy ad retargeting on the whole, so you do not know where the power comes from, but it looks ok in all (unless you look deeper).

It is nothing more than the e-mail co-registration leads and incentives for quality SEO and PPC, led mixed results. Fill with trash, to increase the volume, but mix enough good things, so the overall performance high enough to make it even more interesting, all arbitrations time the value of the brand strength and yield additional retargeting .

The fourth search engines such as stealth Web Portal

Would be local? Use Google Places. Want the video? See the Google-YouTube. Looking to buy something? See item entries in the search results. Need a stock quote? Its right in the search results.

Much of the generic all-purpose traffic to subsidize the big portals will now help search engines like Google, Bing that putting more data to be eaten directly in the search results. This trend is even clearer than it appears on the surface, when you invest in companies that third party arbitration of research results (such as whale sharks Media), the inclusion of custom display formats and upper funnel lead generation

The next fifth question? Identity of the author and the talent to circlips

Services such as Klout to create a currency from one person to influence, ie advertisers, allowing them to bad luck.

Weighting on the Google domain authority to a degree locks authors in their current job, using the difficult demands for a new site for the construction of the initial impetus to become profitable. Google rel = author as a way to experience the creation of a copyright work in the classification system. If successful (and notations by the author to the public), which is the most successful authors of individual control over the networks to which they are written for, which in turn would only further weaken the gates wide open, making it easier to jump ship to the authors and do their own thing.

As a technology for online advertising continues to the next stage until a large part of the big media companies see the chip talent. You saw what was coming , could not change it.

"They [AOL] absolutely certain asset base, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find someone to describe it would be a" must buy, "said Craig Atkinson, PhD Director Digital, the media of purchase unit of Omnicom Group Inc. is one – sources


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eCommerce SEO? Google AdWords or No Soup for You


Affiliates are a dying breed

As e-commerce partner will be harder and harder when you have a strong brand and / or sell things with a complex sales process.

Portable air conditioners is a pretty niche category, but when I look, I see no easy way of referencing the front, unless you take an inventory of significant risks and hundreds of thousands down, millions of dollars on wear brand.

The company, The Bad & The Ugly

Keyword Manager: note the navigation of the brand, advanced AdWords ads and search results that the product search results below the traditional double disc

Keywords tails are just as ugly, with Google ads sometimes get in product line, further reducing the organic search results.

And desperately wicked, if Google is still expanding instant. 10% of browsers can view an organic search result!

Business communication, business, business

Ugly as that looks not only large retailers have an advantage in AdWords (ad get their products on a CPA, while giving smaller businesses, on a CPC required), Google product (over comments), inline search options navigation (with the same brand again), but most of the organic results (which are generally below the fold), the same big brands are on the Panda update gave a boost, while the flaring of its smaller competitors.

The problem of the hen's egg against the extension

For online pure plays (apart from, eBay, and some others) that "no chance everywhere" problem in search of damaging the ability to respond to competitive prices, because without the ability to classify, you n 'have no leverage on the supply chain, how the big box stores anywhere on gains in the SERP and with sales offline. There are few opportunities to grow organically in order (as before, the product creates direct marketing to consumers) during the time scale, if the market at some point of leverage to give , sell something completely different from what already exists on the market (and we hope it will not be cloned), buy-out of an existing company, which went bankrupt , and / or build significant non- channel search first.

I guess the last option on this front would be your stuff on a large platform that anyway talent was well in Google (eg, eBay, Amazon or Facebook), but here that gives a limited control over the experience the customer, and requires you to drive sales of new rather than continue to build and deepen relationships with clients.

Kill diversity

As Google collects more time to use the Date ( mobile is already 12% of research ), these superstores have an even bigger gap between them and small competitors.

The "big box stores only" result also create an experience that is bland and uniform. Look at things differently first, but <a href = ""&gt; is the same kind of sites and more: rent, many brands of the Cross have the same "politically correct" culture and customer experience broadly similar. If you buy from Walmart, you do not have that support e-mail to get one of the founders with hands on tips and advice. Scale requires homoginization which usually kills the personality and differentiation.

Kill Innovation

The problem with "to be huge or die" approach to search is the most legitimate financial innovation comes from smaller players to challenge the power structure. Set the entry barrier is too high and you have to fight, perhaps less spam, but you will certainly be less expensive and more innovation, would-be innovators blocked impasse job working with dysfunctional societies.

Now you see it, now you do not

Most people can not see what they're missing, so they do not know, but (as Tim Wu so eloquently in the master switch ) was the same for AT & T is the case when it adopted innovations such as voice mail and what eventually came to be the WWW. What kind of coins you ask questions by e-mail to a decade longer to start? Like many other disturbing changes will be incorporated by incremental improvements never displayed , because it is simply not big enough and Corporate Web competitors Google?

The Web has been great because it offers something different. Unfortunately, we must try to find something other than Google.


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"When the prey is a way of life of a group of men united in society, they create for themselves over time, a legal system that there is a moral code that glorifies permits." – Fr?d?ric Bastiat

Business ethics vs. sustainability

The concept of business ethics in general a self-serving approach to marketing.

Some people prefer to make money dishonestly, as honest, always the satisfaction of people over the screws (Hi Andy), but the gray is a wide spectrum. To focus on "ethical" reasons, the permit for & miss any questions.

Similarly, additional layers of complexity of rules and incentives encourage more about the wisdom and will eventually destroy the ability to develop self-leadership.

Rather than adding additional layers of complexity, what we should ask:

"Do what we do sustainable, or is it not?"

What can not be sustained.

Poverty eradication chances

Since the world has become richer in poverty will disappear eventually, but it is not . To support the demands of the public in the United States and the spread of democracy is incompatible with the ability to block a Hatian to win a living wage . "The Obama administration Haiti under pressure not to increase its minimum wage to 61 cents per hour."

How's that for altruistic behavior on the left?

While the financing of a large imperial army, the trillion hits on fraudulent wars (and prisons, those who tell the truth ), the government also helps bankers Grift high% of GDP by almost wicked fraud (which was never prosecuted). So much corruption in the heart of a political system that you can actually have that "democracy" here as long as you include the exploitation of finances elsewhere.

However, it seems to collapse and the system of imperialism, U.S. dollar depreciation not only the overthrow of many governments in the Middle East caused , but inequality is also rising sharply in the United States . The "recovery" of the investor class is going , we are collectively as a society to throw more people under the bus every day :

Structural problems is that too much of our productivity (and all higher productivity in the last three decades) is to go to the investor class. Any solution, our structural problems must therefore an element of redistribution from rich to poor and middle class.

Political blinders?

One thing I like about SEO that forces you to see and test the systems to understand ecosystems. If you do not learn many valuable lessons about the online market of the business is so competitive that he and you wipe.

Some market purists cringe at the word "redistribution", but ultimately for the loss of class credit was just that. Except against the free market ideology was the same bankers preach any other.

I was called called leaning right and I went looking. But I also see "Labels" to miss another point, what happens in reality. If a right-wing president in power, the bankers were allowed to commit crimes without punishment without end. Based on distaste for the fraud had been elected a leftist president of one of the promises of hope and change. He then proceeded to screw the general public during the Class fellatiating bank. It is a capitulation .

Silver> Human Life

One thing I question the legitimacy of the capital gain is taxed at the basic rate of interest lower than normal wages. If a person's blood, sweat and tears is worth less than the compound interest on the money? There is a theory that financial markets are efficient if they are taxed at lower and makes the rest of society more efficient, but this theory has fallen on the nose when the U.S. government to shovel billions of dollars in banks and bankers no jail (although some of them have told Congress that they knew was 80% of the "product" is defective ).

Long Jump fraud is the government!

AIG was almost out of insurance mortgage-backed securities, deformed (which was, of course, again, fraud and therefore illegal) have been bankrupt. AIG, facing bankruptcy, have no access to a taxpayer-funded bailout allowed unless waived his right to prosecute criminals banks that destroyed his business. What dirtbag decided within the government, AIG (and taxpayers) should waved their rights, so they cash in bank corporate criminal hoppers? Is it important that the number of the state "regulators" were former employees of AIG counterparty ?

If a particular class of individuals to destabilize, by nature, so why (except for fraud), we consider the "double down" on the hope that the group of people will eventually change their approach (even if we protect against the negative consequences of their actions by making everyone pay the bill)?

We lock them up feedback mechanisms of the market, we are proud of pressure on everyone. But if their failure causes another person to fail, we say it is a combination of "free market forces" and a lack of human capacity, which is to blame for their own fate.

Certainly, <a href = ""&gt; some industries are changed, but if the industry goes down another goes up. Not to bank fraud, but it is only a year on the board-kick in the nuts to almost all non-bankers to the same time. Because our monetary system is a system based on debt, saving one person by another person, the secured debt, so most people are * required * to live close enough to paycheck. But it is considered perfectly reasonable that the Federal Reserve, the stock of wealth and destroy their ability to earn at the same time :

Deflation, the outsourced jobs creates a loss of purchasing power of groups low and medium incomes. Destruction of property stability of employment and make them worse.

Meanwhile, currency in the country …. Inflation is injected into the system by the Fed to lend money to rich people who buy property then leads to buy, prices, bonds, low savings rates and debt, and stocks, resulting in dividend yields and earnings of the CAP has increased.

This hand is * nothing * but invisible. Adam Smith would not say that a "free" market and has one or more of the following

  • ignorant
  • a liar

Since these trillions of dollars lost by fraud, malice can not accept the "free market" forces that they should beat any other subject, is the only solution "more debt, if you please. "

Criminals who have the same bank caused chaos on the government to pay interest to borrow their own money, so the banks "earn" their way out of bankruptcy they have earned through their fraudulent activities.

Two citizens' groups, two books of the Law

Some bankers prisoner bid rigging to obtain from the government. Those who commit corruption with them now in prison. Bankers do not have a return to prison, although they were involved in the exact same crime!

These same bankers received a slap on the wrist machine hundreds of billions of dollars in cash from drug trafficking and perjury and swear in court by making documents robosigned to destroy, for they replace to conceal his fraud mortgage.

If we are intellectually honest, how is it that a person goes to jail for using a relatively soft drugs like weed, if people hundreds of billions of dollars in drug money (subject to drug much more difficult and violence overall) grow with impunity?

But the drug money is not enough.

Now they are trying to figure out how to steal Social Security check that you have already fallen into the abyss. The country's decline and conservation measures are already so obvious that <a Oakland police released a short list of crimes criminals publicly that they will not even bother to reply:

  • Burglary
  • Flight
  • Embezzlement
  • Grand Theft
  • Identity theft
  • required to register as sex offenders or arson
  • Dump waste or other contaminants
  • suitable fictitious check
  • Flag stolen
  • Blackmail
  • Vandalism
  • etc etc etc

If markets are efficient …

There are no raw materials in the world is like a commodity than money. Most are not even aware that the actual pressure, but only numbers on a computer screen … similar to the numbers I am in the time of entry. And yet, the criminals have so much of the governance of banks, who captured it is not uncommon to see, they take 30% of corporate profits (and thus the reflection losses later move to the general public).

Claim that this huge profit margins (for fraud based bubbles) are reasonable and they may be saved if they do not deserve things is really intellectually dishonest. If the taxpayer of the acquisition of 100% the risk of loss, so why (other than fraud), these banks are criminals pay a penny more than the registrant in the army?

The global instability

Internationally, we are at least as to when we are screwed at home. Outsourcing is making the world more effectively? In many cases, absolutely. But the global imbalances to create a sustainable current account issues .

Can see the technique to solve the problems?

Maybe not!

Even the horses have white hooves bloody

Apple is one of the most profitable companies in the world . At the other end of the supply chain, factory, where the nerve damage harsh chemicals used and keep people commit suicide . And once these people get all efforts at all, suddenly, even the third world slave wage system is too expensive and in the coming years

If the slave wage labor is not competitive with robots which means that to work in countries with a higher standard of living, where the work is much more expensive than?

Eric Schmidt is well known, found that the laws are written by lobbyists and then hired quickly Google a dozen lobbying firms , while significantly increased their political donations . Comments lobbyist was a parody of the system, followed by Google and began to buy the political process. You make the same claims on patents , but they invest billions of dollars there too .

Innovation comes when justified by

Historically valuable economic innovation (the legitimate kind, not financial engineering fraudulent past ten years) came from individuals and small groups that challenge the existing industries and companies with powerful creative destruction, making markets more efficient. The monopoly of AT & T made a lot of great research, but what they thought could not cannibalize their current business model to see the light of day – sometimes for decades.

If we move from one place ideas and technology industry (which is where most of our growth strategy will be), then diversity should be maintained and encouraged. Unfortunately, the wars of software patents lead to smaller developers will be driven out of the ecosystem and innovation is slowed, while the 800 Pound Gorilla, and patent trolls to engage in an arms race.

This kind of "laws off the future," want to retain the existing powers at the top of the food chain are literally everywhere – from the food supply until a bill that would be the ability of whistleblowers badly again emphasize the pervasive epidemic of corruption .

And now, auction …

" U.S. Congress party now display prices for key niche in the law . "

The system of fraud is so unbearable that the U.S. has a credit downgrade . mortgage criminal probes are executed in the sand , but Fannie Mae needs more money ! Those responsible for the demotion (the fraud, and then sold their junk to the government at market values ??above) are the United States warning of the risk of losing its status as world reserve currency . Banker to the total <a sonst verlieren m?ssen, zumindest so far does not work .

The exponential growth in a finite world?

We have one based on the monetary system of debt, the exponential growth required before the collapse, based oligarchy and the political system, innovation and success, while the reward to avoid being punished by failure, and it exists in a finite world, where we reached the peak production in the most basic inputs in economic terms: as the energy .

The same criminal organizations bank that you are forced to eat their debts now hoarding the physical resources you need to live. Yet our global financial economy-first (where we take derivatives and abstractions , before the reality ) is so dysfunctional that even the banks are engaged in massive layoffs .

The parasite from eating the host and the host is now nothing more to give.

Manipulation vs. solve problems

There is therefore no wonder that the government is investing in the manipulation of perception of reality (rather than solve the real problems) and the company has a problem with mass psychosis .

What can not be sustained.

Dylan Ratigan of <a href = ""&gt; Mad as Hell sur MSNBC

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Increase Your Profits with MixRank’s New Competitive Research Tool


Not many spy tools out there do MixRank done. MixRank is a tool that gives you the opportunity to see the content and display advertisements on the sites of advertising campaigns with Google AdSense.

Discover the successful advertising in the AdSense network, you can play all kinds of ideas on how to increase your site profitable.

You can discover not only profitable AdSense campaigns, but you can choose from AdSense publisher sites help competitive research and use data from these areas with your SEO campaign.

MixRank your own with competitors as follows:

  • Take the areas of advertising your competitors are served on
  • Move your ad copy competitors
  • See trends ad to your competitors most profitable combinations of ads and target campaigns

Another great thing about MixRank is to serve simple. Going step by step and see how powerful MixRank really is!

Step 1: Choose a competing research

MixRank fact is super easy to get started. Start typing a domain name and you will receive a list of suggested names to the amount of ads available at:

Here we will take a look at Groupon because we consider the construction of a niche service on the site. Note that MixRank currently accepting free accounts while in beta over time, we expect growth in their portfolio and grow.

MixRank down their tools into two main components:

  • Ads (text and display)
  • Traffic Sources

We cover all options for both sides of the tool MixRank in the following sections.

Step 2: Working with Ad-data (text and display)

Start with the text display options. So with text ads, you must consider three areas:

  • Active ads
  • Scope of the announcement
  • Best Performers

Here is an overview of the interface:

As you can see, it's really easy to switch between different search options ad. You can also export all the results at any time.

The image above is "active ads." Given the current tab, you will receive the following data points (all sortable)

  • Editors – maximum number of AdSense publishers to run this particular ad
  • The last time – the last known date of the advertisement was seen by MixRank
  • Frequency – The number of publisher sites that display the connected
  • Avg. Position – the average position of AdSense ads in blocks

Here you can manipulate the data export to Excel or some sort in the MixRank find the ads to earn the lion's share of traffic.

The tab displays ad coverage up to 4 ads at once and compares trends in publication of these lists. To spread the love around, we look at a few ads from LivingSocial.Com:

Here you can see a screen that fell and fell more in line with an existing ad. You can compare up to 4 ads at the same time to get an idea of ??what type of copy announcement, or perhaps better to work for this advertiser.

Top Artists section compares, again, up to 4 ads at a time (with the arrows to move to the next sentence), which recently received from the network.

Needless to say, this report may give you ideas for new approaches and perhaps even new ad products / markets to test advertising.

If the poster is on banners that you can see this too:

With banner ads, classified according to their size and they can all MixRank of them, seeing the link to the appropriate size.

If you click on a banner like this:

This is a great way to get ideas on which the banners will be your competitors. It is also a good way, ideas about how you get to design your ads. A little inspiration goes a long way:)

That's how you can use the display option in the work MixRank. One thing I dig about MixRank is that it is so easy to use, the data is easy to understand and work with and he did his job very well designed (ok, ok so 3 things!)

Step 3: Traffic Sources

Now that you have an idea of ??what type of text ads and banner ads are effective for the competition, it is time, in which sites are likely to spend on advertising the most profitable.

MixRank offers the following options with traffic sources:

  • Traffic Sources – Fields are on, last date on which the announcement was seen from the position announced ad medium and the number of days in the last month
  • Reach – Total number of publishers to display the advertiser

The Traffic Sources tab displays:

  • Unique – the estimated number of unique visitors to search queries estimates
  • The last time – the last MixRank saw the ad
  • Days seen – how many days last month saw the announcement MixRank
  • Middle position – middle position in the block AdSense

A winning combination would be seen here recently last appointments and a high number in the day saw its class. It would have advertisers and advertisements on the field, suggesting that it is a profitable place for them to be in.

You can also drag these areas in a competitive research tool, as our competitive research tool , SEMRush , SpyFu and KeywordSpy and find potential keywords you add to your own SEO campaign.

Another tip would be for these areas as potential targets for acquisition of connection for your link building campaign.

Reach The option is pretty self explanatory, it shows the total number of publishers are the watch seller:

Another great way to assess the sources of traffic, the average position (remember, all indicators are sortable) to see. A high average position will confirm that the ads are very well aligned with the content each area.

Combine high-born middle position / day and you have seen a few well-placed publishers. You can make exporting data to Excel and do not count on more than one filter, the cream of the crop at the top of your ad campaign.

MixRank is Looking Good

It is still early to MixRank but so far I like what I see. The tool can do so much advertising on the network content, planning, media buying, campaign link building and SEO campaigns that I feel is an absolute breeze to sign for now.

For the time being

<a href = ""&gt; c'est * gratuit * pendant leur beta test. Actuellement, ils sont environ 90.000 pages de suivi de sorte qu'il est encore assez robuste pour un nouvel outil.


<a href = ""&gt; c'est * gratuit * pendant leur beta test. Actuellement, ils sont environ 90.000 pages de suivi de sorte qu'il est encore assez robuste pour un nouvel outil.

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Remove Your Keyword Research Blinders


Keywords stand at the heart of using search engines, SEO, and search engine marketing. Searchers use keywords to find what they’re looking for. Marketers use keywords in their ads and on their websites to turn up in the search results that search engines serve to (hopefully) potential customers. But a lot can go wrong in the process. This article will explain one major, all-too-common keyword research mistake and how to avoid it.

What Google Did Right in Marketing Google Plus


In my field, I’m a late adopter. I only joined Google+ on Wednesday, and I’m still getting my feet under me (please don’t ask me about Hangouts yet). In comparing this social site to Google’s other attempts at social networking, though, I think the search company got it right this time – not just in the way Google+ works, but in the way they’re marketing it.

Using Facebook for Social Media Optimization


This search engine optimization tutorial will teach you some tips and tricks that you can use to increase pageviews. Specifically, you will be learning to work with (and implement) Facebook Pages.