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Now YOU can cash in on his amazing web traffic discoveries by using the very same proprietary software and cutting edge tactics that he uses to dominate niches and rake in massive profits… (and he does it all while sitting in his recliner with a laptop and a can of soda!) Click Here!


I am a professional, I have generated more money, and more free traffic than most people can even IMAGINE… and I can take you to where I am, but only if you pay attention to the details.

When I mentioned that you may not “know” me, it is because I truly have always preferred to stay “under the radar”… But you can bet your bottom dollar that my software is known by every major marketer in the Internet Marketing industry (even if they can’t get their hands on it)… Why? Because I am the biggest and best in this industry at what I do.

I’m not bragging to you here (or at least that’s not my objective). My point is for you to know right up front that I did not reach this level by creating substandard tools, or using flaky systems to generate traffic.

I am known in certain circles because I am THE go to guy when it comes to SEO and web traffic software [period]. In fact, it would be easy enough for you to do some basic research and find that my software company is one of the largest Internet marketing software companies on the entire internet.



Together these 26 tools form my “Web Traffic Machines” collection.
[Fair warning – I continue to test new traffic strategies, and I continue to build NEW software to automate the strategies that work – and you’ll get those too!]


Let me tell you, in this game you need to focus on multiple streams of free traffic, otherwise you’re leaving money on the table.


If you’re only using one strategy (like SEO), or one software program, you’re simply not tapping into the vast amount of traffic that flows freely all over the Internet.


Yes I use each and every one of my traffic tools, and yes you too can benefit from each of them. But… I don’t want you to be intimidated by the sheer number of tools and tactics that I am placing at your finger tips! So…


Please keep in mind that using just a few of these tools can drastically boost free traffic to your site. In fact, I could live off of the traffic I receive from just one or two of them.


Furthermore, these tools are push-button simple. Remember, I’m just a simple minded country boy, so I developed programs that were EASY for me to use.


So please do NOT leave this page thinking that any of what I’m about to reveal to you is too complicated, or “over your head”, because I’m 100% confident that you can successfully use these programs.


It’s cliché but… “If I can do it, so can you.”


And that’s really the whole concept behind my Web Traffic Machines collection. I’ve succeeded tremendously with these tools, and now I want to give the same opportunity to some folks like you who are in need of more traffic for your website.


I’ve put all of my tools together into the Web Traffic Machines membership because I want you to have every possible resource at your fingertips to get free traffic from all over the web.

I can assure you that each and every one of my traffic machines is 100% legal, and you have nothing to worry about in that regard.


I know that some of my descriptions of the tools above are pretty vague, so let me just make one thing clear. I do NOT create spam tools.

I only create ethical marketing software that I personally use to generate traffic to my sites using creative methods.I do often use various forms of automation (this is one of the keys to leveraging your success as a small business owner),

but I absolutely do not abuse any company or individual services by becoming a burden on their systems.Again,

I just wanted to get that out of the way so that you don’t think we’re doing anything shady here!And if you ask me whether it’s “black hat”, “white hat”, or whatever… I will tell you it is NO HAT.

These are simply marketing tools that can be leveraged to gain web traffic from various sources on the Internet.

The software cannot be classified as any color of ‘hat’… Only the user can wear the hat,

and the software will do as it’s told. If you are a spammer, you will abuse these tools, and I will have you blocked out of this system before you can even make your first sale… and yes,

I do watch that closely. [By the way, I have NEVER had one of my sites black-listed]

Bottom line: If you want free traffic (and lots of it), this is how to get it!

Customer Comments…
(Received via email and Instant Messenger)
“I have enjoyed all your versions. The best money spent since I came to the internet 3 years ago.”

“I have achieved a 1st page ranking (usually ranked number #1) on MSN search engines for 99% of my keywords for my site in the extremely competitive home loan and mortgage business. This would not have been possible without (Voodoo Traffic Machine) software and your support.”

“I got a totally new domain indexed by google and yahoo in less then three days using it.”


And what are the potential rewards of using my traffic machines?Theres to much information for one page,if you want to know more? follow the links? Enjoy


Get backlinks to your website “on demand”. Improve your search engine rankings. Create floods of traffic from various sources. Stay ahead of your competitors. Pass competitors who are currently on top of you in search results. Automate marketing tasks that normally take hours or days.

Target your niche audience to get qualified visitors.

Increase your affiliate commissions.

Create windfalls of profits from product sales.

Send your customized advertising messages to every corner of the web.

Build a long-term traffic stream coming from multiple sources.

Stay ahead of the curve and pounce on new traffic opportunities.

Keep money in your pocket by cutting back on PPC and other paid traffic.


Click Here to Order Now



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