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Tattoo,s For Women



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“Here’s The Ultimate, ‘Take-You-By-The-Hand’ Guide, To Making Your Next Tattoo    One That You’ll Love Forever – Even If You Know Nothing About Tattoos For Women.”If you’d like to finally choose a gorgeous tattoo design, that is meaningful and suits you perfectly – without worrying about making a mistake, then this might be the most important website you’ll ever read.What I find so scary is that many young women impulsively go and get their first tattoo, with little or no thought to design, body placement, if the design has meaning / symbology, how it will look in 10, 20 or 50 years, or worse still – they have a boyfriend’s name inked, then the relationship ends at some time. Or they just choose something in a parlor that’s kind of pretty or trendy at the time. What do you want to see every time you look in the mirror? A gorgeous, meaningful, feminine tattoo that you can’t wait to show off to the world (or just your partner for those more intimate areas)? A stunning tattoo that reminds you of how sexy and unique you are? Artwork that enhances your overall look?Before you get inked, wouldn’t you like to know…



how to create a unique tattoo design, perfect for you – (pages 64 – 67)
the best way to choose a design with confidence – (pages 60 & 61)
4 simple ways to take your tattoo design for a test drive so you won’t regret it later – (see pages 15 – 19)
how to take away the fear of making a bad decision – (page 65 & 66)
what areas on your body are least/most affected with aging – (go to pages 68 – 72)
when women should never get a tattoo  – (page 76 reveals all)
ways to choose an excellent and safe tattooist/parlor – (page 25)
the application process, from start… to gorgeous tattoo – (check it out on page 79)
why it’s important to eat or drink before being tattooed – (see page 85)
4 simple ways to reduce the amount of pain you’ll experience – (discover these tips on page 89)
how to avoid possible health risks – (page 21)
if you should tip your artist & if so, how much? – (page 86 can help)
how much it will cost? – (see page 32)
8 tips to make sure your tattoo looks amazing – (find out on pages 23 & 24)
simple ways to reduce the risk of infection to next to nothing – (see page 20)
what ink some female celebrities proudly (and not so proudly) wear – (page 55)
what potential employers may think – (go to pages 62, 92 & 95)
if you are at risk of becoming a tattoo addict? – (read pages 43 & 44)
the best time of year to get your tattoo – (page 89)
how to make the right decision about getting your tattoo – read the entire book!
WARNING: the 6 tattoo designs you must avoid – (see page 36)
what’s involved in having an unwanted tattoo removed – page 7

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