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eCommerce SEO? Google AdWords or No Soup for You

by on August 12, 2011

Affiliates are a dying breed

As e-commerce partner will be harder and harder when you have a strong brand and / or sell things with a complex sales process.

Portable air conditioners is a pretty niche category, but when I look, I see no easy way of referencing the front, unless you take an inventory of significant risks and hundreds of thousands down, millions of dollars on wear brand.

The company, The Bad & The Ugly

Keyword Manager: note the navigation of the brand, advanced AdWords ads and search results that the product search results below the traditional double disc

Keywords tails are just as ugly, with Google ads sometimes get in product line, further reducing the organic search results.

And desperately wicked, if Google is still expanding instant. 10% of browsers can view an organic search result!

Business communication, business, business

Ugly as that looks not only large retailers have an advantage in AdWords (ad get their products on a CPA, while giving smaller businesses, on a CPC required), Google product (over comments), inline search options navigation (with the same brand again), but most of the organic results (which are generally below the fold), the same big brands are on the Panda update gave a boost, while the flaring of its smaller competitors.

The problem of the hen's egg against the extension

For online pure plays (apart from, eBay, and some others) that "no chance everywhere" problem in search of damaging the ability to respond to competitive prices, because without the ability to classify, you n 'have no leverage on the supply chain, how the big box stores anywhere on gains in the SERP and with sales offline. There are few opportunities to grow organically in order (as before, the product creates direct marketing to consumers) during the time scale, if the market at some point of leverage to give , sell something completely different from what already exists on the market (and we hope it will not be cloned), buy-out of an existing company, which went bankrupt , and / or build significant non- channel search first.

I guess the last option on this front would be your stuff on a large platform that anyway talent was well in Google (eg, eBay, Amazon or Facebook), but here that gives a limited control over the experience the customer, and requires you to drive sales of new rather than continue to build and deepen relationships with clients.

Kill diversity

As Google collects more time to use the Date ( mobile is already 12% of research ), these superstores have an even bigger gap between them and small competitors.

The "big box stores only" result also create an experience that is bland and uniform. Look at things differently first, but <a href = ""&gt; is the same kind of sites and more: rent, many brands of the Cross have the same "politically correct" culture and customer experience broadly similar. If you buy from Walmart, you do not have that support e-mail to get one of the founders with hands on tips and advice. Scale requires homoginization which usually kills the personality and differentiation.

Kill Innovation

The problem with "to be huge or die" approach to search is the most legitimate financial innovation comes from smaller players to challenge the power structure. Set the entry barrier is too high and you have to fight, perhaps less spam, but you will certainly be less expensive and more innovation, would-be innovators blocked impasse job working with dysfunctional societies.

Now you see it, now you do not

Most people can not see what they're missing, so they do not know, but (as Tim Wu so eloquently in the master switch ) was the same for AT & T is the case when it adopted innovations such as voice mail and what eventually came to be the WWW. What kind of coins you ask questions by e-mail to a decade longer to start? Like many other disturbing changes will be incorporated by incremental improvements never displayed , because it is simply not big enough and Corporate Web competitors Google?

The Web has been great because it offers something different. Unfortunately, we must try to find something other than Google.


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