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by on August 8, 2011

"When the prey is a way of life of a group of men united in society, they create for themselves over time, a legal system that there is a moral code that glorifies permits." – Fr?d?ric Bastiat

Business ethics vs. sustainability

The concept of business ethics in general a self-serving approach to marketing.

Some people prefer to make money dishonestly, as honest, always the satisfaction of people over the screws (Hi Andy), but the gray is a wide spectrum. To focus on "ethical" reasons, the permit for & miss any questions.

Similarly, additional layers of complexity of rules and incentives encourage more about the wisdom and will eventually destroy the ability to develop self-leadership.

Rather than adding additional layers of complexity, what we should ask:

"Do what we do sustainable, or is it not?"

What can not be sustained.

Poverty eradication chances

Since the world has become richer in poverty will disappear eventually, but it is not . To support the demands of the public in the United States and the spread of democracy is incompatible with the ability to block a Hatian to win a living wage . "The Obama administration Haiti under pressure not to increase its minimum wage to 61 cents per hour."

How's that for altruistic behavior on the left?

While the financing of a large imperial army, the trillion hits on fraudulent wars (and prisons, those who tell the truth ), the government also helps bankers Grift high% of GDP by almost wicked fraud (which was never prosecuted). So much corruption in the heart of a political system that you can actually have that "democracy" here as long as you include the exploitation of finances elsewhere.

However, it seems to collapse and the system of imperialism, U.S. dollar depreciation not only the overthrow of many governments in the Middle East caused , but inequality is also rising sharply in the United States . The "recovery" of the investor class is going , we are collectively as a society to throw more people under the bus every day :

Structural problems is that too much of our productivity (and all higher productivity in the last three decades) is to go to the investor class. Any solution, our structural problems must therefore an element of redistribution from rich to poor and middle class.

Political blinders?

One thing I like about SEO that forces you to see and test the systems to understand ecosystems. If you do not learn many valuable lessons about the online market of the business is so competitive that he and you wipe.

Some market purists cringe at the word "redistribution", but ultimately for the loss of class credit was just that. Except against the free market ideology was the same bankers preach any other.

I was called called leaning right and I went looking. But I also see "Labels" to miss another point, what happens in reality. If a right-wing president in power, the bankers were allowed to commit crimes without punishment without end. Based on distaste for the fraud had been elected a leftist president of one of the promises of hope and change. He then proceeded to screw the general public during the Class fellatiating bank. It is a capitulation .

Silver> Human Life

One thing I question the legitimacy of the capital gain is taxed at the basic rate of interest lower than normal wages. If a person's blood, sweat and tears is worth less than the compound interest on the money? There is a theory that financial markets are efficient if they are taxed at lower and makes the rest of society more efficient, but this theory has fallen on the nose when the U.S. government to shovel billions of dollars in banks and bankers no jail (although some of them have told Congress that they knew was 80% of the "product" is defective ).

Long Jump fraud is the government!

AIG was almost out of insurance mortgage-backed securities, deformed (which was, of course, again, fraud and therefore illegal) have been bankrupt. AIG, facing bankruptcy, have no access to a taxpayer-funded bailout allowed unless waived his right to prosecute criminals banks that destroyed his business. What dirtbag decided within the government, AIG (and taxpayers) should waved their rights, so they cash in bank corporate criminal hoppers? Is it important that the number of the state "regulators" were former employees of AIG counterparty ?

If a particular class of individuals to destabilize, by nature, so why (except for fraud), we consider the "double down" on the hope that the group of people will eventually change their approach (even if we protect against the negative consequences of their actions by making everyone pay the bill)?

We lock them up feedback mechanisms of the market, we are proud of pressure on everyone. But if their failure causes another person to fail, we say it is a combination of "free market forces" and a lack of human capacity, which is to blame for their own fate.

Certainly, <a href = ""&gt; some industries are changed, but if the industry goes down another goes up. Not to bank fraud, but it is only a year on the board-kick in the nuts to almost all non-bankers to the same time. Because our monetary system is a system based on debt, saving one person by another person, the secured debt, so most people are * required * to live close enough to paycheck. But it is considered perfectly reasonable that the Federal Reserve, the stock of wealth and destroy their ability to earn at the same time :

Deflation, the outsourced jobs creates a loss of purchasing power of groups low and medium incomes. Destruction of property stability of employment and make them worse.

Meanwhile, currency in the country …. Inflation is injected into the system by the Fed to lend money to rich people who buy property then leads to buy, prices, bonds, low savings rates and debt, and stocks, resulting in dividend yields and earnings of the CAP has increased.

This hand is * nothing * but invisible. Adam Smith would not say that a "free" market and has one or more of the following

  • ignorant
  • a liar

Since these trillions of dollars lost by fraud, malice can not accept the "free market" forces that they should beat any other subject, is the only solution "more debt, if you please. "

Criminals who have the same bank caused chaos on the government to pay interest to borrow their own money, so the banks "earn" their way out of bankruptcy they have earned through their fraudulent activities.

Two citizens' groups, two books of the Law

Some bankers prisoner bid rigging to obtain from the government. Those who commit corruption with them now in prison. Bankers do not have a return to prison, although they were involved in the exact same crime!

These same bankers received a slap on the wrist machine hundreds of billions of dollars in cash from drug trafficking and perjury and swear in court by making documents robosigned to destroy, for they replace to conceal his fraud mortgage.

If we are intellectually honest, how is it that a person goes to jail for using a relatively soft drugs like weed, if people hundreds of billions of dollars in drug money (subject to drug much more difficult and violence overall) grow with impunity?

But the drug money is not enough.

Now they are trying to figure out how to steal Social Security check that you have already fallen into the abyss. The country's decline and conservation measures are already so obvious that <a Oakland police released a short list of crimes criminals publicly that they will not even bother to reply:

  • Burglary
  • Flight
  • Embezzlement
  • Grand Theft
  • Identity theft
  • required to register as sex offenders or arson
  • Dump waste or other contaminants
  • suitable fictitious check
  • Flag stolen
  • Blackmail
  • Vandalism
  • etc etc etc

If markets are efficient …

There are no raw materials in the world is like a commodity than money. Most are not even aware that the actual pressure, but only numbers on a computer screen … similar to the numbers I am in the time of entry. And yet, the criminals have so much of the governance of banks, who captured it is not uncommon to see, they take 30% of corporate profits (and thus the reflection losses later move to the general public).

Claim that this huge profit margins (for fraud based bubbles) are reasonable and they may be saved if they do not deserve things is really intellectually dishonest. If the taxpayer of the acquisition of 100% the risk of loss, so why (other than fraud), these banks are criminals pay a penny more than the registrant in the army?

The global instability

Internationally, we are at least as to when we are screwed at home. Outsourcing is making the world more effectively? In many cases, absolutely. But the global imbalances to create a sustainable current account issues .

Can see the technique to solve the problems?

Maybe not!

Even the horses have white hooves bloody

Apple is one of the most profitable companies in the world . At the other end of the supply chain, factory, where the nerve damage harsh chemicals used and keep people commit suicide . And once these people get all efforts at all, suddenly, even the third world slave wage system is too expensive and in the coming years

If the slave wage labor is not competitive with robots which means that to work in countries with a higher standard of living, where the work is much more expensive than?

Eric Schmidt is well known, found that the laws are written by lobbyists and then hired quickly Google a dozen lobbying firms , while significantly increased their political donations . Comments lobbyist was a parody of the system, followed by Google and began to buy the political process. You make the same claims on patents , but they invest billions of dollars there too .

Innovation comes when justified by

Historically valuable economic innovation (the legitimate kind, not financial engineering fraudulent past ten years) came from individuals and small groups that challenge the existing industries and companies with powerful creative destruction, making markets more efficient. The monopoly of AT & T made a lot of great research, but what they thought could not cannibalize their current business model to see the light of day – sometimes for decades.

If we move from one place ideas and technology industry (which is where most of our growth strategy will be), then diversity should be maintained and encouraged. Unfortunately, the wars of software patents lead to smaller developers will be driven out of the ecosystem and innovation is slowed, while the 800 Pound Gorilla, and patent trolls to engage in an arms race.

This kind of "laws off the future," want to retain the existing powers at the top of the food chain are literally everywhere – from the food supply until a bill that would be the ability of whistleblowers badly again emphasize the pervasive epidemic of corruption .

And now, auction …

" U.S. Congress party now display prices for key niche in the law . "

The system of fraud is so unbearable that the U.S. has a credit downgrade . mortgage criminal probes are executed in the sand , but Fannie Mae needs more money ! Those responsible for the demotion (the fraud, and then sold their junk to the government at market values ??above) are the United States warning of the risk of losing its status as world reserve currency . Banker to the total <a sonst verlieren m?ssen, zumindest so far does not work .

The exponential growth in a finite world?

We have one based on the monetary system of debt, the exponential growth required before the collapse, based oligarchy and the political system, innovation and success, while the reward to avoid being punished by failure, and it exists in a finite world, where we reached the peak production in the most basic inputs in economic terms: as the energy .

The same criminal organizations bank that you are forced to eat their debts now hoarding the physical resources you need to live. Yet our global financial economy-first (where we take derivatives and abstractions , before the reality ) is so dysfunctional that even the banks are engaged in massive layoffs .

The parasite from eating the host and the host is now nothing more to give.

Manipulation vs. solve problems

There is therefore no wonder that the government is investing in the manipulation of perception of reality (rather than solve the real problems) and the company has a problem with mass psychosis .

What can not be sustained.

Dylan Ratigan of <a href = ""&gt; Mad as Hell sur MSNBC

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