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Why You Should Use Multiple Web Analytics Tools

by on August 17, 2011

Why are so important analysis

SEO follow up with the most important thing is performance. Of course, the bank account (and its growth rate) is a high degree of follow-up mechanism, but it is the result of the combination of many ideas and effort, the combination of marketing strategies and more traffic flows. To dig further into what works and web analytics are your bread and butter. You do not give you aggregate data or data may be, but precisely and exactly what is happening on your pages: sort what is and what does not.

Without analysis, you are blind.

Which of course is dangerous!

Redundancy for the win

Most web analytics tools are good for either the real-time monitoring with granular or historical data. Few tools are available at a reasonable cost and great at once. For this reason, I always prefer at least two web analytics tools.

The other important reason for both tools is to provide a stable base line, if things have changed. Google announced a change in how Google Analytics tracks sessions and only a few weeks ago has also changed, such as image search is reported , it connects to basic research. Each of these changes may at first make you think a webmaster, that perhaps she had done the algorithm pandas by winning the only thing that has changed any changes forced by their suppliers of analytical tools. Many webmasters have complained about the changes , but can not use force on their way to a Google product that will change provided for free.

A retrieved page above Panda or was it an anomaly changed data from Google Analytics? If you use two tools, it is much faster to know the answer to this question.

Ok, then you probably like the idea of ??two tools, but what tools do you use?

Primary Web Analytics

If you do not have anything against Google, you can link your site (or if you want to integrate the data only available in Google Analytics), while Google Analytics is an easy appetizer choices. If you do not want your data to identity and then give Google Clicky is a tool for analysis of large primary.

If you Google feature set, but want to host their own data, they continue to sell Urchin Software for $ 10,000. It offers additional features such as log file analysis, spider robots and reports, research on casual visitors, server error, is working on intranets, and so on.

It are many other high-end vendors like Omniture , but I have not really played with them, since most of our sites tend to partner sites. If you have a full client loop on your website a registration process and then services like metric kiss & ClickTale In addition, you can go to the way individual users to use your site to appear.

Back-up Web Analytics

My objectives and preferably with a backup analysis tool are:

  • light weight (do not use significant server resources)
  • Low cost
  • a baseline overview of the analysis are compared to primary
  • provides real-time data (as some tools for analyzing the most important within them, and with real-time data, you can see how, where and why you distribute your content, you can help, help become more involved in the conversation and continue to have spread)

As for the web analytics tool for back-up, I'll usually mint , because it is easy and only cost a one time fee of $ 30 per location. Installation takes about 5 minutes, you download it and then it's just sitting there and doing its job.

I also tried Piwik & Open Web Analytics . Of the two, I prefer to OWA, because it is easier (Piwik has even more features, but it has many files). OWA has also prepared an option screen recording cool inside. Be aware that if you have a high number of visitors and have to use OWA, you create too many connections and less sensitive to the MySQL server.

If you tie together well with some of your sites, but do not want, they are linked to Google Analytics, you can have one or installing Piwik OWA on a dedicated server and multiple profiles for different sites. Be aware that if you have enabled things like screen recording, then you will eat significant server resources!

Your Turn

What are your favorite web analytics?


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