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Stallion Wordpress Seo

Stallion WordPress SEO Theme

The Stallion WordPress SEO Ad theme is my latest and greatest WordPress theme creation, it’s a BIG update to the popular Talian 5 SEO ad theme that’s running on thousands of websites owned by people like you who are looking to make money online and want the best WordPress SEO theme available today with ads built in: a complete newcomer to WordPress can use the Stallion WordPress theme to search engine optimize and monetize a WordPress site using AdSense, Chitika, Clickbank, Kontera, Infolinks and LinkWords ad networks (plan to add more ad networks in the future).

The theme is very easy to use, takes minutes to setup Stallion, the site you are reading now runs on Stallion 6.


click the link for more information  Click Here!

Stallion SEO Theme Screenshot
This stallion screenshot shows a site running Stallion using the red Stallion colour scheme (there are 9 colour schemes) with a built in header image and banners (related to money) with custom banner ads (custom Stallion banner ads).

To purchase Stallion 6 click the payment button below and make a payment via Clickbank for $70 (not including tax), this entitles you to free Stallion upgrades and support. After making a successful payment you will receive instructions for an instant download of the Stallion 6 zip file which works with the self-hosted version of WordPress (install Stallion 6 like any WordPress theme via the built in theme installer or using FTP).

Stallion includes 9 options pages encompassing almost 200 options, a convenient main options page for activating the theme (add your PayPal/Clickbank transaction ID) and for adding your Google AdSense Publisher ID, Chitika username and Clickbank username. Those are the only settings you have to set, you can of course turn all the ad networks off on this options page and run Stallion as a WordPress SEO theme with no ads (or use the custom widget areas for your custom ads).

The remaining 8 options pages are optional though highly recommended you play around with them as they add all sorts of useful features. Over the coming weeks I’ll be filling this site with various Stallion tutorials (and videos if I get the time!) so we all can get the best out of Stallion 6.


Stallion SEO Theme Support and Comments

This website is not only for selling Stallion, but is also the support site via the comments (you can also contact the developer via email, but I prefer comments as it can help others with the same issues). If you read through the comments you will see both the good and bad side of the Stallion early release to Talian customers (had a few bugs and a difficult to use activation system, think I’ve sorted all the major problems now). A BIG thanks to all Talian customers who tried the first release of Stallion 6.0, you’ve helped me remove some problems with Stallion before it went on general sale.

I pride myself on offering quality and fast customer support, but this could be a big product release (lots of affiliates wanting to promote Stallion), so please be patient for support (little worried I’m going to be swamped for the first few weeks). I tend to answer questions in great detail and this takes time.

No matter what you think of the Stallion theme or the support offered as long as a comment is constructive (not abusive) it won’t be deleted, I think a quality service is measured not when everything is working as expected, but how issues are dealt with when it all goes pear shaped

This is the ultimate in Seo for WordPress!! CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF


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