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The Ultimate Seo Tool

Visitors 2 You offers a complete SEO solution for beginners and experts. Building up your knowledge of the web and attracting new visitors to your website. We provide you with the tools you need to make your website gain the place on the web it deserves.

IT GETS BETTER AND BETTER {Information is Key}

Visitors2you was developed following Just Develop It’s ventures in the web hosting industry as it was the perfect tool to offer our customers who were hosting a website with us. Vistors2you offers users advanced search engine submission to increase the traffic to the customer’s website and their number of unique visitors.

In order for any website to succeed it must attract consistent visitors which can be very costly. Visitors2you helps to drive natural traffic to the customer’s site and helps maintain daily traffic by submitting the site to all the major search engines. It quite literally takes the customer by the hand and walks them through the steps that will get their website in perfect SEO shape.

Visitors2you is a combination of tailor-made features which are all essential to drive traffic to a specific site. Link popularity focuses on the benefit internal and external links will have on a site along with giving the search engines that extra nudge by submitting a site to them rather than leaving them to find it themselves. This service has been incredibly popular with our hosting companies customer’s and consistently helps to increase their traffic and raise the profile of their sites.

Video Demo

To find out more about how Visitors2you can be of benefit to you, click the image below to launch a demo.

Video Demo

What is a website with no visitors apart from you, friends and family? Maybe your site is targeted for the people you know, such as a photo gallery of your holiday pics. If that’s the case, this product really isn’t right for you. If you want to drive visitors to your website, they need to be able to find it. With over 60% of searches being made on Google alone, Visitors 2 You is targeted around boosting your rank in Google, however, we do not ignore the other engines. A lot of the resources we offer will help you increase and monitor your rank all the in major search engines.





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