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No prior experience in running a business is required. I will guide you, step by step, through the setting up of a business, from finding a suitable name for your business entity to outsourcing the work.

You don’t need a degree or certificate to benefit and understand this course. When I first started my journey in SEO, I was a banker holding a Financial Degree! I was also a Registered Financial Consultant!

I have all bases covered with this course. You don’t even need a high school diploma to understand the contents of this course. I have broken down the contents into manageable modules that explain things clearly, concisely and with no fluff.

No expertise on SEO is required to run your own SEO business! I will show you what to do and where to outsource! That’s all you need!

You will also learn my unrevealed 6 everyday strategies on how I find an endless supply of clients. I attribute my success to these 6 strategies. Thanks to them, my business grew like wild-fire.

I will show you how, and where, to find top notch outsourcing services! And keep your customers happy, even if you have no knowledge of SEO whatsoever.

Best part, you don’t have to quit your day job! Do this part-time, an-hour a day, you will still make a healthy side income! This was how I started:

                        “What’s Inside The SEO Business Box?”


1) The Proven Process – A Critical Success Factor!   {LINK TO THE MONEY}
No stone is left unturned in this course. I lay out all of the good, the bad and the beautiful of creating and running your very own SEO business. While I should remind you that creating and running any business requires effort, time and practise to reach the pinnacle of success, I am here to guide you along the way through the whole process so that you save on time, money and effort and avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes made by most new business ventures.

2) Branding from the start
We show you how to create the most appealing name for your new found company, based on 4 proven and effective marketing methods. Remember, having a brand name that reflects your business style and uniqueness goes a long way in making a convincing impression on the market. Not only that, but we take you through the process of setting up your company domain name as well, and recommend to you the best domain name registrars to do it.

3) The Technicals User-friendly
We cover everything from domain name registration and contact setup to web hosting, software tools, autoresponders and more. We want you to thoroughly experience and understand the whole company setting up process, so that you know what you are getting yourself into.

4) The Trade Secrets Handed To You – Secrets To Obtain Google #1 Ranking!
Now here comes the juicy part. We will cover all of the important aspects of SEO, from on-page leverage to off-page optimization, utilizing everything and anything in our extensive arsenal to let you dominate your local competition and come out on top.

5) The Veteran Processes Revealed
The material that we offer you here alone is worth an entire course unto itself, valued at $497. We are offering this as part of the course so you can get a head start and get an insider’s glimpse at how the big guns of the business perfect their SEO art. We are not giving you just the basic SEO stuff (though that is covered as well) that you can probably get for free just by searching online. We are giving you the BEST strategies, technics and methods used by myself and other SEO veterans that will have an immediate impact on your business, guaranteed.

6) The 2 Pillars Exposed
Learn about LINK ACCELERATION and LINK VELOCITY, and how this 2 concepts can easily juice up your backlinking campaigns.

7) Taking On The Giants
We show you the only PRESS RELEASE SITES that matters for building an effective backlinking campaign, and why the so called tier 1 sites have little use at all for getting the job done.

8) Presentable Whitehat Backlinking
How to utilize blogs and web 2.0 sites as effective backlinking sources! And we also show you how to maximise the opportunities presented here, without having to attend to each site, forum and blog personally so you can focus on growing your business (No, we are not talking about using cheap, spammy comment generating software)!

9) PageRank Debunked
No doubt you have already heard about PageRank and its supposed primary importance to SEO. Yes, it was so hyped up that people would only focus exclusively on PageRank for SEO. Well, this is a MYTH and I’ll debunk it in my course and show you why.

10) The Registry Has Spoken: Right from Google’s Patent!
Will Google penalize my site for unleashing a salvo of backlinks in a day? Will Google discover all of these backlinks in just a single day? How do I make sure that my client’s site continues to rise in the Google rankings even after I had closed the project? Does a site that never updates still retain its rank? All of these important questions are addressed in this course.

11) Sandbox Misunderstandings and Exploits
The Google Sandbox effect: Will too many backlinks hurt my site’s rankings? There was a concern by Google that a site that suddenly spawns too many backlinks is trying to manipulate the system. So is this so called Google Sandbox effect true? The actual answer may very well surprise you!

12) Abundance of client sources
Finding potential clients in real life a hassle? Not sure where to start and build a name for yourself? Don’t worry, I’ll address this issue with a simple action plan that is sooo easy in its implementation, yet is definitely guaranteed to bring you the people that you want to start your business with!

13) Getting Online Clients
How about finding clients and projects on the web? We’ll show you how to do it here too! Finding clients anywhere is one thing, but what I found to be KEY to actually gaining new clients and earning their trust is your MINDSET. And I will elaborate in detail what this mindset is.

14) Pricing Models And How To Charge Them
Pricing models are also given an in-depth analysis and look at as well. We understand that not all businesses run and succeed by any single pricing model, and we want to present the available options to you and let you decide for yourself which one best suits your needs and objectives.

15) Outsource Everything So You Do Nothing! Critically important for expansion!
We show you where to find quality outsourcing services. We even provide you with sample ads that I used to find the best people to work for me. Not sure whether a project is better suited for an individual freelancer or a team of professionals? Don’t worry, we got that covered. Not sure whether a freelancer or team is top-notch? Don’t worry, we will show you how to test their abilities.




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