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Lack of traffic is a deal breaker!

I began my online career probably just like you; I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing! My college degree was worthless when it came to making money online. It was depressing and frustrating!

I tried all the tricks and fell for all the hyped junk out there. It felt like getting traffic was about the same as getting blood out of a turnip! I couldn’t even get to first base.

Lack of traffic is the #1 reason new websites fail…period.

The real skill of Internet marketing success is getting traffic!

The good news is that all you have to do is drive traffic to niche sites and you WILL make money…. it’s just that simple! You can tweak things later to increase clicks or sales once you start driving significant traffic to your site.

You have 2 choices right now:

  1. You take the time to build a site and then pray for traffic.
  2. You take the time to build a site with correct SEO then watch the traffic roll in.  { Click Here}
SEO 4X teaches eye opening details unlike anything you’ve seen and will ensure you’re on the right track with each step.

SEO 4X Will Dramatically Increase Your Site’s Traffic:

Learn all about the importance of file names, page names, domain names, picture names…and how to make them work for you.
The truth about backlinks – tips for putting your backlink creation into hyper-profit mode.
Content, content, content…is it REALLY King? Well, yes and no. Allow me to explain…
Discover the free backlink source that Google likes even BETTER than EzineArticles! Anyone can get these free backlinks!
The truth about “buying” it EVER a good idea? Well, sometimes…I’ll explain!
There is far more to image SEO than just adding alt tags! I teach the correct method for using image name/ALT tags/Links!
Why you MUST know the correct, modern day uses of ALL meta tags…
Reference list of “stop” words Google frowns upon… you MAY NOT know these words that raise red flags with Google!
The article marketing techniques which will make or break all your SEO efforts.
The good, bad, and UGLY of social bookmarking. How to really use,, etc.

Get $593 in Valuable Bonuses FREE – Take Action Today!


Talk Live With Steve!

3 Months of Conference Calls FREE

Exclusive Access for SEO 4X Buyers!

Additionally, you will have 3 months of 24/7 access to my private forum. Browse it anytime for great tips and post your questions as needed!

Bonus #1
Questions? Let’s Talk!

I know you have questions, I provide 3 months of FREE conference calls!

  • Live Calls About SEO/Traffic
  • ONLY Available to SEO 4X Buyers
  • Ask Steve Questions Or Just Listen and Take Notes
  • If You Miss the Live Calls, Archived Recordings Available
  • Calls Cover All Aspects of SEO and Traffic
  • Keep Updated On The Latest Google Changes – Access the Latest Updates, Videos, & Downloads Added to SEO 4X
  • There’s No Better Way To Solidify Your SEO Skills!

Bonus #2
Affiliates Focus

The majority of online marketers do some form of affiliate marketing.

Affiliates Focus contains tutorials detailing how to implement the best methods and strategies for affiliate marketers.

  • Building an Affiliate Web Site
  • Choosing Affiliate Products
  • Choosing an Affiliate Network
  • Working With Vendors
  • Cloaking Links
  • The BEST Affiliate Method
  • Adsense and Affiliate Marketing
  • When NEVER to Use Affiliate Links
  • Building a List With Affiliate Marketing
  • MUCH More!

Bonus #3
Build Your List Video!

Build Your List With All The Traffic SEO 4X Brings Your Site!

The money really is IN THE LIST! Whether you have an affiliate site, an AdSense Site, or are selling your own products, you are leaving PILES OF MONEY on the table if you aren’t building a list!

One of the Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Is Putting Off Building Your List!

Bonus #4
The Secrets to My Internet Success

Steve Weber’s 112 Page Book!

I detail every step we took in building our first successful business!

Help and Advice for EVERY Beginner!

Bonus #5


In addition to SEO 4X and all the bonuses, I’m giving you 3 full months of access to my members’ area FREE! The following BONUSES are available in that free membership site.

iNichePro: All the best SEO won’t help you succeed unless you KNOW how to pick the right niches and keywords! iNichepro offers complete explanations and tutorials for finding great niches and selecting the correct keywords!

Real WebSite Pro: This package provides detailed tutorials with the “nuts and bolts” aspects of online marketing.

AdsenseConnection: SEO and AdSense go perfectly together! Once you build your small niche sites, it’s almost like free money as the sites continue to attract traffic and earn income.





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