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Increase Your Profits with MixRank’s New Competitive Research Tool

by on August 7, 2011

Not many spy tools out there do MixRank done. MixRank is a tool that gives you the opportunity to see the content and display advertisements on the sites of advertising campaigns with Google AdSense.

Discover the successful advertising in the AdSense network, you can play all kinds of ideas on how to increase your site profitable.

You can discover not only profitable AdSense campaigns, but you can choose from AdSense publisher sites help competitive research and use data from these areas with your SEO campaign.

MixRank your own with competitors as follows:

  • Take the areas of advertising your competitors are served on
  • Move your ad copy competitors
  • See trends ad to your competitors most profitable combinations of ads and target campaigns

Another great thing about MixRank is to serve simple. Going step by step and see how powerful MixRank really is!

Step 1: Choose a competing research

MixRank fact is super easy to get started. Start typing a domain name and you will receive a list of suggested names to the amount of ads available at:

Here we will take a look at Groupon because we consider the construction of a niche service on the site. Note that MixRank currently accepting free accounts while in beta over time, we expect growth in their portfolio and grow.

MixRank down their tools into two main components:

  • Ads (text and display)
  • Traffic Sources

We cover all options for both sides of the tool MixRank in the following sections.

Step 2: Working with Ad-data (text and display)

Start with the text display options. So with text ads, you must consider three areas:

  • Active ads
  • Scope of the announcement
  • Best Performers

Here is an overview of the interface:

As you can see, it's really easy to switch between different search options ad. You can also export all the results at any time.

The image above is "active ads." Given the current tab, you will receive the following data points (all sortable)

  • Editors – maximum number of AdSense publishers to run this particular ad
  • The last time – the last known date of the advertisement was seen by MixRank
  • Frequency – The number of publisher sites that display the connected
  • Avg. Position – the average position of AdSense ads in blocks

Here you can manipulate the data export to Excel or some sort in the MixRank find the ads to earn the lion's share of traffic.

The tab displays ad coverage up to 4 ads at once and compares trends in publication of these lists. To spread the love around, we look at a few ads from LivingSocial.Com:

Here you can see a screen that fell and fell more in line with an existing ad. You can compare up to 4 ads at the same time to get an idea of ??what type of copy announcement, or perhaps better to work for this advertiser.

Top Artists section compares, again, up to 4 ads at a time (with the arrows to move to the next sentence), which recently received from the network.

Needless to say, this report may give you ideas for new approaches and perhaps even new ad products / markets to test advertising.

If the poster is on banners that you can see this too:

With banner ads, classified according to their size and they can all MixRank of them, seeing the link to the appropriate size.

If you click on a banner like this:

This is a great way to get ideas on which the banners will be your competitors. It is also a good way, ideas about how you get to design your ads. A little inspiration goes a long way:)

That's how you can use the display option in the work MixRank. One thing I dig about MixRank is that it is so easy to use, the data is easy to understand and work with and he did his job very well designed (ok, ok so 3 things!)

Step 3: Traffic Sources

Now that you have an idea of ??what type of text ads and banner ads are effective for the competition, it is time, in which sites are likely to spend on advertising the most profitable.

MixRank offers the following options with traffic sources:

  • Traffic Sources – Fields are on, last date on which the announcement was seen from the position announced ad medium and the number of days in the last month
  • Reach – Total number of publishers to display the advertiser

The Traffic Sources tab displays:

  • Unique – the estimated number of unique visitors to search queries estimates
  • The last time – the last MixRank saw the ad
  • Days seen – how many days last month saw the announcement MixRank
  • Middle position – middle position in the block AdSense

A winning combination would be seen here recently last appointments and a high number in the day saw its class. It would have advertisers and advertisements on the field, suggesting that it is a profitable place for them to be in.

You can also drag these areas in a competitive research tool, as our competitive research tool , SEMRush , SpyFu and KeywordSpy and find potential keywords you add to your own SEO campaign.

Another tip would be for these areas as potential targets for acquisition of connection for your link building campaign.

Reach The option is pretty self explanatory, it shows the total number of publishers are the watch seller:

Another great way to assess the sources of traffic, the average position (remember, all indicators are sortable) to see. A high average position will confirm that the ads are very well aligned with the content each area.

Combine high-born middle position / day and you have seen a few well-placed publishers. You can make exporting data to Excel and do not count on more than one filter, the cream of the crop at the top of your ad campaign.

MixRank is Looking Good

It is still early to MixRank but so far I like what I see. The tool can do so much advertising on the network content, planning, media buying, campaign link building and SEO campaigns that I feel is an absolute breeze to sign for now.

For the time being

<a href = ""&gt; c'est * gratuit * pendant leur beta test. Actuellement, ils sont environ 90.000 pages de suivi de sorte qu'il est encore assez robuste pour un nouvel outil.


<a href = ""&gt; c'est * gratuit * pendant leur beta test. Actuellement, ils sont environ 90.000 pages de suivi de sorte qu'il est encore assez robuste pour un nouvel outil.

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