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Buying Google AdWords Ads on Brand Keywords?

by on August 28, 2011

Paid search is incremental or cannibalistic?

Earlier this month, Google references (which were called, it hits the site would not if they must rely on organic results only) a "study" they have only 89% of the clicks your AdWords ad been shown progressive.

As part of this "study" they said that "no navigation indirect advertiser's site into consideration." Why they decided to exclude this segment of traffic? Advertiser Because it would almost immediately anyway. They never really defined what is indirectly navigation, however, if you are left, that qualifies as a part of this segment to guess.

The "study" also found:

A low value of extra clicks can occur if the paid results and organic both similar and very close to each other appear on the results page. This reduces the likelihood of a user clicking on an organic result of increased counter after paying. In the immediate results when the classification of biological results is high, making it close to the results paid. Organic results of search terms brand tend to have triggered a higher rank, on average, and this can lead to a low value of the IAC.

So what keywords you should focus on advertising? And what keywords to buy milk if you have the cow for free? According to Google:

A low value does not necessarily mean CCI recommends a pause in advertising research is in order. In fact, for many advertisers with low IAC, it is still profitable to invest in advertising research. To assess the economic benefits of advertising on search engines, a provider must perform a calculation involving their individual IAC conversion rates and conversion revenues. The formula below can help you determine if advertising is useful in the search engines is on a case by case.

Experience is required?

Google said that later, a more rigorous test would experience a split-test, which compared with a control group which held back against an ad with search ads are paid. Then suggests that "many advertisers make these negative experiences, the installation costs associated with the impact and potential revenue of a group hold-out."

What I do not buy * any * of the proposal is that these studies are a matter of too strict and costly. A biological research front, Google Webmaster Tools already provides statistical classification of biological research CTR-page position and rank:

And since Google is largely to promote the adoption of a button , they also offer a data A / B, such that the performance effects search button.

If Google provides this information for Bio free, so why (except to protect their own incomes), they interpret these data is difficult to achieve for paid search? If Google believes its advertisers and I wanted the advertisers the complete database, they announced it would make the data available automatically, as they do with one of the key data.

No "study" mandatory

Here's my big problem I have with Google suggests that I need to know a quantitative study to determine if I have to buy my own brand keywords:

  • I know I will anyway get almost all clicks (Google removes "indirect browsing" showed in their study for a reason, and third party studies , these ads are directly cannibals )
  • the whole question of building brand affinity with the users and without having to pay the additional distribution of brand-oriented demand increases. To raise funds to build the brand, just to keep the value Rebuying existing brand is a rather pointless exercise.
  • in the auction, Google is arbitrary floor price at the keyword to the advertising industry (almost nobody "SEO Book" but when I press the auction is Google wants is $ 2 or $ 3 per click)
  • also go through if I said, "quantitative study" I have to stop all re-tested as often as arbitrary juice prices Google ads to increase their sales
  • If the Google site links, it offers improved time to do this because they think the research is primarily a navigation aid, but they still put ads above the organic search results, which in my humble opinion is quite dirty
  • and the dirtiest little bit of everything (which smells bad) is that you compete against the bid announcement is not only arbitrary floor price, but even he Google, what keywords to buy your brand (via its own Monopoly money)

Enlarge Sitelinks reduce competition

Google has recently expanded site links in the organic search results so that they take a lot of screen real estate above the real-time, try to reduce the organic search arbitrage and negative reputation of the questions brand.

Down the search results

With features like Instant Google , a Google advertising + bar & more copy of AdWords ads , Google has been aggressively pushing down the set of search results contains fewer entries appear above the fold.

Each month there is another test a new feature that pushes the organic search results down.

Zero-Moment's budget announcement of combustion

Google supports a concept called "zero hour of truth" suggests that you recruit throughout the cycle of late conversion "be there" and do you increase your messaging.

But with the improvement of organic links of the site, the brand has so many looking for real estate which is losing circulation is restricted to competitors if they do not buy their AdWords keywords on the brand. Moreover, the possibility of block some site links and change the page title and meta description is that you can make a copy of your listing organic brand, look and feel like ad copy you want to use AdWords should be given control.

There are some exceptions, though nuanced, as brands are not always through the eyes of people lined up

If you must buy your keywords Brand

Short-term promotions and promotions

If you come to an event that you need to promote for a short period of time, then the AdWords ads is a good way to get immediate visibility to the campaign.

Some spelling mistakes

In the past, if you search Google misspelled place the spell in the top of the page. Before They recently decided to put it among all AdWords ads. So this type of advertising (which Amazon already ranked No. 1, but the organic results of the ad and then pushed a spelling suggestion) I think this ad is the burning money.

In other cases, like when you're not a high priority in the organic search results, AdWords ads to buy common misspellings of a much more intelligent. For example, I think it's a smart purchase by Agoda ad.

But in the longrun, if I ran Agoda, I will explain the spelling error on my site a few links to increase my rankings for common misspellings.

One way of spelling mistakes and research longertailed for your brand to achieve is to use an integrated set where you have to offer and then use agoda – [agoda] as negative keywords.

The mark is shared by several companies

Mercedes Benz burning some of their advertising budget for advertising, they are not relevant.

<img style="padding:5px" src = "; />

It certainly makes sense for them to buy exposure for brand keywords, but in the examples above, they should contact Kingston as a negative keyword.

If negative ads Google Works

However, in some cases, the Google ads negative news. For example, when you use Gmail, I saw an ad suggesting that I "uninstall McAfee" in a computer that does not even have it.

Buy brand ads in these cases would probably be a good idea, if for no other reason, to block competition and risky negative ads that could be viral. Google will even allow such events is another matter of debate.

Big Money markets full of spam

Google was recently cut by the Department of Justice for a half-billion dollars to advertise illegal for Canadian pharmacies. The DOJ has so far pointed out that Larry Page knew what to go deliberately left these ads :

Mr. Neronha said those efforts amounted to a "Front" so that Google continues to gain revenue from sales of allegedly illegal ads, even to be like her, said action against them. Google employee helped undercover agents from the Department of Justice in the secret operation to bypass the company to stop illegal advertising, he said.

"Suffice it to say that this is not a couple of rogue employees at the customer service do their own" Mr. Neronha said in an interview. "It was a business decision to engage in this behavior."

Following the example above, Google is likely to be "guilty until proven innocent", where they run ads summary.

In the short term, it is probably wise not to advertise the brand keywords, while the problem is sorted, but if you use something like the following on the results of your trademark search to see that it is probably reasonable to combat the public relations front in the background when you open the portfolio to protect the brand publicly.

And since most big pharmaceutical companies are regularly punished for illegal ads , I do not understand why these bodies pharmaceutical black hat SEO (or 3) on staff to manage search results.

If Google wants it then brand them with a shovel. 😉


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