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On Page SEO And Off Page SEO – Search Engine Optimization Primer

by on July 18, 2011

On Page SEO and Off Page SEO – Search Engine Optimization Primer

M. L. Williams

All Sites Need Visitors

As soon as you design and construct a website, no matter what the core purpose is, you soon will start to realize that the only way to benefit from the site is if you get some visitors. And content, no matter how great, is not adequate to check success.

Finding Your Site – Search Engine Optimization

To most websites, the vast bulk of visitors come their through the use of search engines. In the world of search engines, Google is the undisputed king. So getting good search locomotive placement in Google is one of the primary goals of any SEO (search locomotive optimization) strategy.

SEO – What Is It and How to Do It

SEO, or search locomotive optimization is the work you do to get your website located acutely in the search engines for the keywords that you think will drive relevant movement to your site. SEO is altogether focussed on insertion a site high (on the early page) of results in Google for the most important keyword phrases for the site.

There are Two Kinds of SEO (mainly)

One kind of SEO is On Page, the added kind is Off Page.

SEO that is On Page (or On Site)

On page SEO is artless the angle to provide content on your web pages that the search engines will catalog abruptly and will put high in the search results for your most important keywords. On page SEO is accomplished primarily through using the key words you are attempting to attract movement from in your headlines and the text of the page.

Off Page or Off Site SEO

SEO that is focused on off page or off site issues is all about arriving links. Google, especially, ranks pages advanced if arriving acquaintances from aura sites indicate that the site provides useful data and/or is an arbitrator in the area of the content.

How Should I Spend My Time on SEO – On Site or Off Site?

Neither type of SEO is adequate in today’s competitive website environment. Links coming in are as important with on page factors – but don’t not remember to start with great content!

On the added hand, great content failing having anybody linking in to the content will mean that your site will under act compared to its potential.

A floating angle to SEO will pay off the best.

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